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Make Your Data and Analysis Visual Through Diagrams

The world of data is expanding at an incredible pace. Businesses of every sort must work with large sets of data that lead to sophisticated analysis and require complicated and advanced directions that can be hard to understand when written out. This fact is true across industries, whether they are technologically and engineering-oriented or not.

To get around the complexity of this data and to make it understandable to experts and laymen alike, data has to be represented in a more easily understood format, namely, through visual tools like charts, graphs, and diagrams.

These graphical representations of data cannot be overestimated in how they can not just simplify data but also improve the speed data is understood and the efficiency with which it is put to use. With the right chart, a business can communicate any number of trends appearing in its data. With the right diagram, the development of projects and complex tasks is simplified and instantly put into practice.

While charts and graphs are available through the most basic Microsoft Office programs of Excel and Word, diagrams are harder to design and implement, and they require a more powerful program.

That program is Visio.

With Visio diagrams, a business can create flowcharts that organize even the most complicated and multifaceted projects and tasks. Visio’s advanced timelines allow businesses to meet all of their objectives when they need to achieve them without the complexity and confusion that comes from written out or calendar-focused scheduling.

Meanwhile, specific diagram forms found on Visio can be essential to particular business operations, including floor plans, network diagrams, and much more. No matter what kind of diagram you need to create, Visio makes it possible. If you are looking to buy Visio for cheap, make sure to buy it from SaveOnIt.

Download Microsoft Visio Instantly

Microsoft Visio is part of the Microsoft Office 365 family of programs. That means it can work closely with other Office programs and has the same Office focus on merging advanced features with simple and intuitive program navigation and tools.

At its core, Microsoft Visio is focused on providing all the tools necessary to design and create any and all diagram types. It comes with a vast number of shapes and stencils that allow diagram designers to build up the diagrams that fit the look and information they need to convey. Visio doesn’t end there; it includes a large number of templates for all the major diagram types, which simplifies the whole diagram development process. Templates and unique shapes make it possible to create diagrams quickly while maintaining a streamlined look and focus.

These diagrams can convey all sorts of information and can have all sorts of looks, with everything from a basic, multicolor flow chart to advanced 3D maps.

Essentially, whatever your diagram needs, they can be met efficiently by Microsoft Visio. You’ll get the tools you need, the freedom of design you want, and the convenience and speed you require to create and share your diagrams. Need your software right away? You can download Microsoft Visio instantly from SaveOnIt.

Businesses and Industries that Require Visio

It is undoubtedly true that some industries require Visio more than others. It is a particularly valuable resource in any industry that requires diagrams, which includes software companies and other information technology. It’s also popular with healthcare businesses, telecommunications, construction, insurance, financial services, education, and human resources.

As you can see from the above list, Visio’s capabilities cover a vast swath of major industries. Very little connects the workers in the education field and the construction field, but the need for quality diagrams is one of those few connections.

This alludes to a more critical point: there are no industry limits for Visio. While some industries and businesses have more apparent and more ever-present needs for diagrams, such as engineering and software development, any company may have similar requirements, and those needs are always best addressed by Visio.

Other facts about Visio further emphasize this. The program is popular with companies of all sizes, from those with 10 or fewer employees all the way up to those with more than 10,000 employees. Whether you are designing diagrams for a massive office building of fellow employees or as a freelancer for a client company, Visio’s solutions are equally useful.

In essence, then, there are no significant limiters on the potential found in Visio. If you can imagine a scenario in which your business could improve its productivity, efficiency, or just data communication through diagrams, then Visio is the right choice for you.

Recent Microsoft Visio Editions and Features

If you know by now that you are interested in getting Microsoft Visio, you encounter an obvious problem: which version is right for you?

There’s no definitive answer to this, although some suggestions are found in the “How to Know Which Version of Visio Is Right for You” below. The best way to find out what version of Visio is right for you is to know what you’ll get in each version.

So, consider all of the potential found in the three most recent editions and the two versions that those editions come in.

Microsoft Visio 2010

While Visio existed long before 2010, this is the edition in which the platform entered the modern diagram world and began offering the diagramming needs that remain current across industries today.

There are plenty of additional features to be found in the 2013 and the 2016 editions of Visio, but the underlying Visio package that users will recognize can be seen first in 2010. Here, there’s plenty of templates, there’s the fluent drawing experience, there are customizable shapes, and there’s sharing data between major Microsoft Office programs, such as Microsoft Excel, SharePoint, and SQL Servers.

As with all the editions on this page, there are two primary versions of the 2010 edition: Standard and Professional. Buy Microsoft Visio 2010 from SaveOnIt, and you can be sure that you are getting the software you need at the very best price.


This is the primary and most popular version of the Visio 2010 edition. Here, you’ll find most of your templates, especially those required for IT and software and business needs. The program integrates data easily from SharePoint, Excel, and SQL Servers (as mentioned above), and can easily be shared across SharePoint as well. A certain amount of collaboration is also possible, although more becomes available in later editions.

On the program navigation end, Microsoft Visio 2010 Standard includes the by now ubiquitous Ribbon, with all tools organized into a logical order for icons. It has thousands of shapes available as well.

The drawbacks here are a certain lack of individualizing and personalizing abilities to the diagrams which become more pervasive in later editions.

Basic containers are included (although they are improved in later editions as well), and subprocesses allow you to better break down your data from its most extreme complexity into smaller and more comprehensible pieces. SaveOnIt has Microsoft Visio Standard for cheap. If you find a better price online, we’ll beat it by 5%, guaranteed.


To begin with, as will be seen in every future edition, Professional includes everything listed above in Microsoft Visio 2010 Standard. That means all the templates, the shapes, the subprocesses and containers, and the Ribbon as well.

Beyond those essential features, there are more diagram options and more templates for those options. In Professional, users can create engineering diagrams, network diagrams, website maps, and more software and database diagrams.

While basic software diagrams and technology diagrams are covered in Standard, you get far more options and far more software and IT-specific diagrams.

The primary selling point of Microsoft Visio 2010 Professional is the option of getting everything in Standard with all the more industry-specific options provided in this version. If you are looking to buy Microsoft Visio Professional for cheap, look no further than the experts at SaveOnIt.

Microsoft Visio 2013

Microsoft Visio 2013 builds off of all the capabilities found in its 2010 predecessor and enhances the most important elements while expanding many abilities. There are now more and better templates and an improved drawing experience. Containers are also improved in this edition.

Another upgrade includes new ways to work with your shapes. While 2010 had plenty of customizable shapes, those shapes can now be given shadow, glow, and other effects to change emphasis and general presentation.

The print preview for diagrams gets a major improvement, allowing for more dynamic zooming in and out to get all the details about the diagram in a single view. Beyond these capabilities, users will notice a major improvement in the collaboration and access department. Microsoft Visio 2013 comes with the ability to develop diagrams through co-authoring, in which colleagues work digitally alongside and create content at the same time.

The ability to send IMs through the program allow co-authors to communicate ideas and changes more efficiently. There’s also now access to Visio through the web browser. Some other significant changes include the XML file format inclusion and the connection of this program through Office 365, which allows for even further integration into Excel, SharePoint, and other related applications. You can download Microsoft Visio 2013 instantly from SaveOnIt, so why wait?


Along with most of the features discussed above (document co-authoring and some Office 365 capabilities are reserved for other editions), Microsoft Visio 2013 Standard includes a lot of extra little features. It’s more touchscreen sensitive than previous versions, for instance, allowing users to work more efficiently from tablets. It is also backward compatible with previous editions so that you can bring you diagrams with you into this edition.

Beyond this, perhaps the best feature that comes with Standard (and, of course, Professional) is the new theme capabilities, which allow users to change the colors, effects, and more for a whole document. All of that makes this a very attractive edition, although it still has the same capabilities and limitations with its templates. While more templates are provided, these templates cover most common uses but none of the specifics.


For those specifics, you’ll need to look to Professional, where you’ll get more industry-specific diagram potential than even in 2010. Most importantly, Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) 2.0 is included in Microsoft Visio 2013 Professional. Professional also includes those very impressive document co-authoring tools mentioned above.

Another benefit of Professional is the ability to link within the diagram to the data source, allowing others to click and instantly reach the related data.

Microsoft Visio 2016

When you consider all that you get in Microsoft Visio 2013, it can begin to seem pointless to read further. However, just as 2013 makes enormous leaps over 2010, so too 2016 indeed outpaces 2013. For instance, there are new Ribbon features, in particular Tell Me, which allows users to type in a tool description and let the Ribbon find the tool for them, saving time looking for the tool.

There are also new Starter diagrams that allow for faster and easier development of diagrams when you need them. The connection to Excel has been improved so that it’s just a single step to connect to all your data.

Large images are automatically compressed, saving space and speeding up the program, while all diagrams are now more secure than in previous editions. Want to buy Microsoft Visio 2016 for cheap? SaveOnIt has the software you need, for the lowest prices around.

2016 Standard

With all of the above features, Microsoft Visio 2016 Standard also upgrades templates and shapes over the last edition. There’s also further integration into OneCloud for easier and more secure sharing of your diagrams. If you’ve been looking to buy Visio 2016 Standard, you won’t find a better price online than with SaveOnIt.


Microsoft Visio 2016 Professional, like all those before, comes with more industry-focused diagram options. It also includes improved touch and stylus abilities, an always updated desktop edition of the program, a connection to your Power BI data which allows you to bring your diagrams to your Power BI dashboard, and much more.

This is the most recent edition of Microsoft Visio, and it includes the most recent features, so buy Visio 2016 Professional from SaveOnIt today.

How to Know Which Version of Visio Is Right for You

With so many features available and such impressive capabilities in every edition, it can be quite a challenge to select a single version of Microsoft Visio. However, the selection process can easily be simplified.

Start by deciding if you want a Standard or Professional edition. While there are always secondary features that are different, most businesses choose either Standard or Professional depending on whether they need general diagrams or advanced diagrams for their industry.

After you’ve decided that point, look for the features and the price that best fits your needs. If you want the basics and care more about the cost than things like collaboration, Microsoft Visio 2010 is a great option. If you want some of the more recent features but don’t want to go all-in on the highest price, go with Microsoft Visio 2013.

If you want it all, then, Microsoft Visio 2016 is your best option. Regardless of which version you choose, you should only buy Microsoft Visio from SaveOnIt. We have the lowest prices, best customer support, and best of all, your software is available for instant download.

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