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For those who work with Apple products, there are a great deal of benefits in the home and at school. MacBooks, iPhones, and iPads are more than just sleek looking, they’re quick, intuitive, stable, well-designed instruments that often make it easier to accomplish advanced tasks than their PC competitors. That’s the reasons so many businesses continue to use Mac and why so many students and households do the same.

The one downside, though, is that Apple products sometimes miss out on major PC-focused products. There just aren’t alternatives designed for the Apple market. That’s not the case with Microsoft Office, though. Office is available in several editions, and the one that stands out most for students is Microsoft Office Home & Student for Mac.

With this Office suite, users are able to keep up with all the capabilities provided to their PC using fellow students, allowing them to succeed more easily in any academic environment.

Why Is Microsoft Office Home & Student for Mac For?

While this suite obviously advertises itself to home use and student use, these are certainly not the limits the programs are capable of handling. Teachers are also big fans of this suite, particularly because it includes all the tools necessary to create worksheets and presentations easily. The suite is also preferred for any number of private uses.

Why Students Choose Microsoft Office Home & Student for Mac

Obviously, Microsoft Office Home & Student for Mac is a pretty popular item, and the reason for that is because Office on Mac manages to give the same quality PC Office performance while accommodating itself to a Mac platform and capabilities.

Users will get programs with the same capabilities and features as those found on the PC, while also enjoying a more stable platform than competing programs. The Office programs also are closely integrated to allow sharing of data between different types of documents.

A final benefit is the fact that Office program files are the most popular on the planet. Many students who don’t have Office run into difficulties opening files sent to them from teachers or other students. With Office, students get the capabilities their fellow students have and never have to worry about finding a way to work with files like .docx and .xlsx.

What Features Students Can Expect When They Purchase Microsoft Office Home & Student for Mac

To begin with, every version of Microsoft Office Home & Student for Mac includes all of the following programs:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint

These programs will be reviewed in more detail in the section below. Here, it is worth pointing out some of the Office-wide capabilities that come with purchasing Office. Many of these features make the purchase worth the money even before focusing on what the individual programs are capable of.

One of the major features that sets Office apart in recent editions is the inclusion of the Ribbon, which is the program tools set up in icons at the top of the document. These are designed for easy access to all program tools, and these icons can then be personalized to meet an individual user’s preferences.

Users also get a more expansive Office experience in recent editions with the use of Microsoft OneDrive for cloud saving and retrieving of documents and the Office Web Apps, which provide access to the Office programs through the browser. Combined, it’s now possible work on Office documents on any device, while always having access to every single document you create.

Each program also has access to a set of templates that allow for easy lay-outing of different document types as well as charts and graphs.

A major benefit found in Word and PowerPoint in recent editions is the co authoring tool, which makes it possible to develop a document with other users in real time, whether they’re using a Mac or PC. Users can create content and edit it, while also discussing changes in messages sent within the document itself.

One final benefit found in recent versions of Microsoft Office Home & Student for Mac is the Retina Display capabilities for all programs. This is a benefit that only Mac users get.

Programs Included in Microsoft Office Home & Student for Mac

While the programs below are already incredibly well-known, many prospective users may not be aware of the full range of features found in each one. To help expand on those features, a brief synopsis has been included about each program.

Microsoft Word

Students of any and every discipline will find Microsoft Word useful on a daily basis. It is an incredibly flexible program that can adapt to any text-based needs that can present themselves in the classroom or in life in general. Here is a short list of just a small number of the documents that can be created with Word:

  • Essays and book reports
  • Articles and editorials
  • Calendars
  • Notes from class
  • Resumes
  • Blog posts and webpages
  • Study guides
  • Worksheets
  • Letters

The possibilities with Word are nearly endless, and it can certainly cover all the possibilities that can occur in and around class.

Microsoft Excel

Students these days, as well as individuals in general, have to deal with far more information than in previous generations, and everyone is expected to somehow keep it straight. Microsoft Excel makes that task easier by allowing users to lay out information in a straightforward set of columns and rows. This data can be anything from tracking grades to tracking scientific observations for an essay. It can be from grocery lists or from household expenses.

No matter what, the data can be worked with in many different ways. Users can change the organization of the data with a single click. They can run powerful calculations with the data using easy to create formulas. Or, they can graph out the data to see it in a new way.

No matter what, Excel makes it easy to keep track of and better understand the information around you.

Microsoft PowerPoint

The master program for teachers and for students giving presentations, Microsoft PowerPoint makes it easy to present even the most complex information by allowing users to tailor each individual slide in their slideshow to be the most engaging possible. Slides can include all kinds of media (video, audio, text, .gifs, images, animations, etc.), and each slide can transition to other slides in unique ways.

All together, PowerPoint allows users to create a more dynamic way to relate information.

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