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For those looking for a quality Office suite that will give them the basic Office performance on their Mac, there’s no better option than Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac. With this edition, users can still enjoy the quality Office programs in stable and well-designed editions and even get some of the more advanced features that have been refined in the 2016 edition.

If your Office software needs are limited to the more simple requirements found in the 2011, it’s still the best option around, allowing you to save money and still get a high quality performance.

The Standout Features of Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac

The fact is, there are millions and millions of Mac users out there that have been working with Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac for years and have felt no need to upgrade, no matter the options that have come up.

The reason for this is that Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac is full of features that make it a quality choice for any and every user who doesn’t need every last one of the latest features. In fact, there’s plenty here to keep users happy for years to come.
Here are a few of the major features found in Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac.

The Introduction of the Ribbon

For the first time, the Mac version of Microsoft Office gets to experience the revolutionary improvements that come with the Ribbon. Unlike traditional toolbars, the Ribbon is better organized, easier to personalize, and far easier to use so that users get a better experience with the program while working more efficiently with all their tools.

The Introduction of Microsoft OneDrive and Office Web Apps

One of the long-time complaints against Microsoft Office for Mac is that the expense is too much when use is limited to a single device. While that wasn’t a problem in the days when people only had a single Mac at home, the fact most users have phones, tablets, at least one MacBook, and often other options these days means that limitation can be a real problem for work productivity.

With the inclusion of Microsoft OneDrive and Office Web Apps, that problem is essentially eliminated. OneDrive makes it easy for users to save documents to the cloud where they can be retrieved at any time and on any device. Office Web Apps provide access to all Office programs in a browser form that can also be accessed on any device.

Combined, it’s now possible to work with Office wherever you are and whatever device is at hand. Then, when you return to your Mac, you’ll have all your major changes on hand.

Limited Retina Abilities

Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac also includes some limited Retina Display abilities. While these are increased in later editions (Office 2016 and Office 365), the basics are there in 2011, allowing users to see clearer images and get more from the graphic side of the Office suite.

The Programs Found in Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac

Every Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac suite comes with several programs. To better appreciate all the ways that Office 2011 can improve your Mac experience, learn more about your future programs in the descriptions below.

Microsoft Word

A program that is capable of so much while being designed to look so simple. Microsoft Word is able to handle student, business, and personal text-based needs in its documents, allowing users to build everything from essays, to resumes, to invoices, to calendars. Word has excellent spelling and grammar checkers, and the ability to add non-text content like hyperlinks, images, and charts and graphs.

Whatever text-focused needs a user has, Word is able to handle them and make it all easy.

Microsoft Excel

Being able to organize information and numbers is a crucial part of getting through work, study, or just daily life. Microsoft Excel makes it all possible. With its deceptively simple rows and columns, users are able to input all kinds of data that can then be rearranged as necessary to reorganize and better understand your information. Data can then be used in calculations or in charts and graphs to appreciate new insights.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Presentations by Microsoft PowerPoint are so popular because they are at once easy to design and enjoyable to watch. PowerPoint presentations allow users to work with templates or original designs to help spread information in a more attractive and engaging way. Use animations, transitions, and other tools to add more eye-catching quality. Slides can include audio files, video, .gifs, hyperlinks, and more.

Microsoft OneNote

Note taking is an under appreciated need in life. While students know how important it is, many adults forget how difficult it is to keep track of lots of information, until that is, they need to do so quickly.
Microsoft OneNote makes it easier to bring together all the difficult kinds of information that’s being delivered (whether text, audio, video, or images), and connect it all within a single document.

Microsoft Outlook

One of the best email services on the planet, Microsoft Outlook does more than provide an excellent inbox and quality messaging. It also includes calendars, task managers, contacts, and more, so that users can get their daily tasks more organized even as they improve their communication.

Versions Available for Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac

While it’s easy to commit to getting Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac, it may be a little tougher choosing the right version of the edition to get for your computer. In reality, the choice is fairly simple. It comes down to two points: do you need Office for business? And, do you want Microsoft Outlook? Once you decide those two questions, look through the two Office 2011 options available.

Microsoft Office 2011 Home & Student for Mac

The Home & Student suite for Office 2011 for Mac is for all those users who don’t need the suite for business and who don’t want Outlook. It can be used for literally any other purpose. The programs include all of those listed above except Outlook.

Microsoft Office 2011 Home & Business for Mac

Home & Business, as the name suggests, is for all business purposes. It is also for those who want to use Microsoft Outlook and all its features. Home & Business comes with all of the programs listed above, including Outlook.

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