Windows Home Server 2011

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Home Server 11 features the following functions and highlights: Scheduled Automatic Backups, Remote Access, better Login management for administrators, and HomeGroups for easier file sharing.

Windows Home Server 2011

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Keep Devices Connected and Working in Sync

The idea of a home server has always been in the back of minds with more tech-savvy experience. However, the uses for a home or small business server are vital for those using a lot of hard drive space. Users wanting to store more data on a network and server, rather than a slower external device can use home servers to fill that void. Creatives making music, films, or writing content can mitigate all of their data to one centralized location for storage, that can be pulled up quicker than having it be pulled up from an external device. For small businesses, having a server is a no-brainer to keep all of your multiple devices connected. Keep computers, phones, and laptops on the same network allowing them to share and store data in one spot.

Contrary to popular belief, most home server users are not using them for running a website. Nowadays, cloud services and web-based hosting from companies with the capital, infrastructure, and resources can host your website with a much higher traffic demand and cut costs down for customers. For users with a website less than 20 visitors at a time, however, depending on parts and machines used, running costs could be around the same price granted you are willing to put up with a steep learning curve.

Today’s home server usage mainly relies on storage for backups, old files, or for someone who may need a larger space to store larger files like high definition video. Many find that their old machines, specific Macs with OS X 10.3 operating systems or higher are especially popular due to their Apache software, which is a popular web server application. A handy and widespread use of home servers is loading and ripping your entire DVD or Blu-Ray collection onto a server, then being able to stream any from any device in your home. Online PC gamers love the idea of servers because they can install large install files as backups without them getting in the way of valuable processing power and RAM needed to play a game on high or ultra settings on their gaming rigs. They can also host custom matches on their servers, allowing them to control settings and rules within the game for unique, custom experiences. With many applications and add-ons available to maximize your server’s potential, you can find an excellent use for your home.

Business applications with servers are essential for not only operational reasons but security measures alike. For one, it keeps things running… all the time. With your workstation, you may shut it down every night when you leave for home and boot it up in the morning (which isn’t an entirely a bad idea considering how often Windows has an update). When your computer is shut down, you are disconnected. With a server, however, emails will still come through, data will still be transferred, and scheduled backups can still happen. You will also have more advanced automation available with servers, as they are always on, you can schedule them to do routine tasks like scheduling updates, backups, or archiving when you are not there. Business users also like the fact all file sharing and printing especially is much easier and accessible to every device, as long as it is on the same network.

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With Windows 11 Home Server, you can set up the perfect file-sharing server for personal or professional use. Free up storage space on all of your devices and stream music and video from your server library. Gamers at home can enjoy better performance on their spec’ed out, expensive, high productivity rigs and store cumbersome data on their servers.

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GTIN 885370233803
MPN CCQ-00128
Operational System Windows
Year of Product 2011

What Does Home Server 11 Include?

Home Server 11 features the following functions and highlights: Scheduled Automatic Backups, Remote Access, better Login management for administrators, and HomeGroups for easier file sharing.

Scheduled Automatic Backups, while memory taxing, can be crucial in certain cybersecurity situations. If a machine is compromised with specific malware and is caught early enough and the time of infection is known, an administrator can wipe the hard drive and device clean, restore it back to factory settings then restore it with a backup from when the device was still clean. This can help significantly for minimizing data loss.

Remote Access makes file sharing more natural than ever. Users have access to download and upload things on a shared drive. Anyone with network access and the appropriate permissions can access these shared drives and view important documents, notes, or templates that may get regularly used. Remote Access doesn’t stop at files though; administrators can remotely access PCs and the server for whatever reason (mostly maintenance and repairs).

Login management has been improved over previous generations. This makes managing the server and users more stress-free and seamless. User logins and Server logins are now separate, eliminating workarounds of earlier versions that compromised security measures (i.e., using the same login for multiple sources). Admins can log on the server without using an attached user account on a machine, making maintenance and repairs even easier.

HomeGroups add even more file sharing options for network users. Printers and other devices that need to be on a network to function can be assigned to specific groups. So if the marketing department is always using your accounting department printer instead of theirs for some reason, you can call up the administrator. He can then set you up in a separate group from marketing, forcing them to use their printer.

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