Visio 2016 Standard Open License

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Create beautiful data-driven diagrams by downloading Microsoft Visio 2016 Standard Open License

Visio 2016 Standard Open License

Microsoft Visio 2016 Standard  is a powerful diagramming software with modern stencils. Visio 2016 Standard is designed for small to medium sized businesses who are needing to bring more meaning to their data and charts and simplify complex data. This product is an open license, meaning it is for government organizations, charities, health organizations, educational institutions, qualifying 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, and multinational organizations, who are looking to outfit all of their PCs through the organization rather than by buying individual licenses. Open licensing is the most cost-effective and lowest up-front cost of to install Microsoft Office products throughout your entire organization. Microsoft Visio 2016 Standard can help your team to  to make professional-style:

  • organizational charts

  • flow charts

  • process diagrams

  • Integrate data with visual effects

  • Business stencils

  • Basic network diagrams

  • Multi-purpose diagrams


With Visio’s smart shapes, the metadata you integrate will adjust accordingly, so you don’t have to worry about dimension changes. Visio Standard 2016 also now has the ability to import DWG files. You can create shapes to imported AutoCAD designs (support up to DWG 2010) and simplify or enhance advanced visualizations with ease. Visio 2016 has hundreds of easy-to-use templates available, so your team can quickly and easily create diagrams, charts, and more by simply adding data and customizing a couple features. You can also use the “tell me” tool in Visio to find certain features. Visio 2016 also can quickly overlay data on top of your project. Visio 2016 makes it easy to customize the templates saving you time and effort from starting from scratch. With Visio 2016 Standard, your team can work anywhere and at anytime by sharing files across different platforms. You can share them easily through email or Skype. Visio 2016 works with touchscreen devices, so you designs can also be viewed from any device including cell phones and tablets. Your team can do so much with all of the new features of Visio 2016. Help your team to make your data more meaningful and expressive with Visio 2016. Data management is important for every business, and how you use that data can help build the future in the right direction. Your team will be thrilled that they can upgrade and build new exciting designs with just a few clicks. Make sure you buy Microsoft Visio 2016 Standard today for a better visual and interactive experience from largescale board meetings to team meetings


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Operational System None
Year of Product 2016
  • Modern and user-friendly. Visio Standard 2016 Open License brings you known and loved elements such as the Ribbon interface, drag & drop functionality, alignments, guidelines, and much more. This makes the application easy to learn for new users and provides a great way to speed up work for those familiar with the app.
  • Built-in customizable templates. Give your projects a kickstart by using templates. Visio Standard 2016 comes with a plethora of built-in templates, however, you can download and install any third-party or self-made template for the future use.
  • Professional tools and shapes. Even if you aren’t experienced in drawing, you can use the pre-made shapes and elements to create diagrams. The tools of Visio Standard 2016 enable all users to take full advantage of digital convenience.
  • The “Tell me what to do” bar. A new feature in Visio Standard 2016 is the “Tell me” bar, further increasing the accessibility of the software. Use it to locate features and tools without having to browse through pages of guides.
  • Support for AutoCAD 2013 and AutoCAD 2010 files. You can now import and work with files from both AutoCAD 2013 and AutoCAD 2010. This further expands the capabilities of Visio Standard 2016, placing it well above any competitor application.
  • Access your Visio files from anywhere. Anywhere Access is a feature that allows users to view their Visio projects from anywhere in the world. If you like to work on the go, don’t miss out on this amazing feature and show off your diagrams on presentations, meetings, and more.
  • Share in popular file formats. Visio Standard 2016 supports popular file formats such as .PNG for sharing diagrams as images, or .PDF for a more interactive viewing experience. This allows you to bring your work anywhere, even if no instance of Visio is installed on the receiving device.
  • Help for non-technical users. There are countless ways to learn more about Visio Standard 2016 right in the application itself. When creating diagrams, the program shows you tips and tricks, and a built-in help book is available from the menu as well.
System Requirements

System Requirements

These are the minimum requirements for installing Visio 2016 Standard

  • Processor: x86 or x64-bit processor at 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster and SSE2.
  • Memory: 1 GB of RAM (32-bit); 2 GB of RAM (64-bit).
  • Hard drive: 3 GB or more
  • Display: Resolution: 1280 x 800.
  • Graphics card: DirectX 10 graphics card required.
  • Operating System: Windows 7 through Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2008 R2, or Windows Server 2012
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