Microsoft Outlook 2019 Open License

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The Microsoft Outlook 2019 edition takes your professional and personal email to a whole other level.

Microsoft Outlook 2019 Open License

The Microsoft Outlook 2019 edition takes your professional and personal email to a whole other level.

The new email program features:

  • fantastic authoring,

  • automatic saving, and

  • expert management tools

What these do is to ensure you'll never get bogged down by an overflowing inbox ever again (this is a huge benefit for the busy individual). The enhanced interface is much clearer and easier to use, with this edition having a message preview feature along with other handy tools that make it easy to sort, search and prioritize your communications.

The built-in side-by-side calendar tool makes scheduling meetings along with planning your day more accessible than ever before.

The Open License version of the Outlook has been designed for business use. The Microsoft Outlook license edition also comes with the ability to install outlook on anywhere from two to 250 computers. The Open License version of Outlook 2019 is ideal for small businesses to medium organizations and is priced affordably so all small to medium companies can enjoy the many benefits of Outlook at one low price.

Microsoft Outlook is a great email application. Think of Microsoft Outlook as a personal information manager.

Although Microsoft Outlook is highly practical as well as useful email application, it is also:

  • A calendar

  • A task manager

  • A contact manager.

It can also be used for taking notes, keeping a journal, and web browsing.

Customer Review and Feedback

Here is what some people are saying about this product:

Offers great abilities

"I like that when you want to write an email it opens up in another window as long as you have the software downloaded on your computer. This allows you to search, look at and pull up other emails at the same time when creating a new one. Microsoft Outlook 2019 Open License offers great search capabilities and inbox organization. Most importantly though is that Outlook relates well to Excel, Word and other parts of the Office Suit. It is easy to use and well integrated into other programmes." - Kira Aguilar

Using it for a while now

"Sometimes the best thing I can say about a particular Microsoft product is that it isn't as bad as it was when I last used it. Because of a new job, I've been using Microsoft Outlook 2019 Open License since July, and I certainly like it more than I did in the mid-2000s. They have done some thoughtful redesigns in workflow and functionality. It still has much room for improvement, but I'm not nearly as unhappy as I initially thought I would be. And at the end of the day, there are no true comparable competitors." - Deja Barber

WE recently upgrated

"MicroSoft has done a very good job of listening to their users and incorporating new desired functionality into outlook. I used to use Franklin Covey's plan plus software for outlook, which is obsolete now) and MS is duplicating many of the features it had, like project/task planning as separate module. The system is very streamlined and intuitive. We recently upgraded to a Microsoft Outlook 2019 Open License, and it took a matter of minutes to get fully used to the new system. As strange as it is to say, everything just makes sense, in terms of placement, when youre looking at the program." - Gunnar Hunter

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Stay organized

The organization that one needs in business is of paramount importance so that you can strive for efficiency. The Outlook 2019 edition helps you achieve these goals.

The interface is easy to use and access, with sorting along with searching options being made to make your life easier. You can use the calendar to plan as well as schedule your commitments with precision (this is a huge plus for a team that is spread out across the world). You can also add different time zones to it (which will keep you (your team) all on board with one another.

Focused inbox is an interestingly new feature that is also available to those with Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 email account. This new feature allows you to split your inbox so that you can remain focused on other section. You will stay notified about less important emails, and you can always take a look at them, quick and easy.

Stay reminded

Anyone can have a memory lapse – even the most organized person in the world. Running a business is NOT EASY. That is where Outlook reminder system really comes into play.

If you are in the Outlook itself, the reminder will pop over whatever you are doing. If you are using some other program or app, it will be more subtle and appear behind it (keeping you focused on your task at hand.

Microsoft Outlook 2019 will:

Organize your professional and other communication in an effective and orderly fashion

Help you stay in touch with your contacts, organize meetings and group assignments

Keep you reminded of important tasks, events, and dates

The New Features of Outlook 2019:

  • One-click fixes for accessibility issues

  • Focused inbox

  • New ways to work visually

  • Hands-free typing

  • View multiple time zones

  • Updated contact cards

  • Office 365 Groups

Always Connected

Stay in the loop with a unified view of your:

  • emails

  • calendar schedules

  • contacts

  • and files

You can go well beyond the basic email tasks to get more done wherever you are with Outlook on your:

  • iPad

  • iPhone

  • Android tablet

  • Android phone

A More Powerful Inbox

Your inbox will no longer be merely a resting place for your messages (something that many of us who work online can significantly benefit from). The Outlooks helps you to filter as well as focus on the critical emails and tasks at hand. You can also Sync your calendar to receive reminders along with stay on top of functions and events for that given day or week.

Collaborate More

  • You can now create groups to discuss, collaborate, as well as share files and notes with others on your team.

  • You can now initiate Skype for Business voice and video calls for urgent real-time decisions.

  • You can now upload and share attachments from OneDrive and OneDrive for Business -- all without leaving Outlook.

  • Your recipients have access to the latest version automatically.

System Requirements

System Requirements

  • Platform Supported: Windows
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Minimum Processor Speed: 1.0 GHz
  • Minimum Memory: 1 GB (32 Bit) / 2 GB (64 Bit)
  • Minimum Hard Drive Space: 3 GB
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