Microsoft Outlook 2019 for Mac

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Outlook 2019 for Mac

● View emails, contacts, files and calendar across any device. Mark emails as read or unread when deleting and have them displayed as such in the Deleted Items folder.
● Accessibility Checker has updated support for international standards and recommendations on how to make your document more accessible.
● Separate inbox into two tabs; Focused with essential emails and Other with everything else.
● Insert scalable vector graphics (SVG) with filters applied.
● Dictate emails and have emails read aloud to you.
● Add multiple times zones to your calendar allowing you to schedule meetings across time zones easily.
● Reminders either pop up over your current window or in the taskbar.
● More sorting options with the Unread filter above email lists.
● Create Groups to collaborate, discuss and share notes and files with peers. Make Skype for business calls, both voice and video, from Outlook. See your colleagues responses to meeting requests, even without being the organiser.
● Upload and share files from OneDrive without exiting Outlook.

In today’s digital world, email is more important than ever, especially for business. Outlook
provides the service of sending and receiving emails with extra added commands to ensure that
your business stay ahead of the game. Organise your emails how you want, whether separating
essential emails from spam or receiving files from colleagues Outlook has everything you need.

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MPN 644216324804
Operational System Mac
Year of Product 2019



Standard Features

Outlooks fundamental feature has been to send and receive emails. Since its creation, Microsoft have added numerous features that have seen Outlook evolve from simply sending and receiving emails. They have left the base features relatively unchanged, with added features being used around the basic usage to improve productivity and ease of use.

Create, receive and send emails while sorting through your emails with filters like Read and Unread. Copy contacts to an email chain to receive the same emails, forward emails and send attachments. Make and save contacts to receive address prompts when filling in the address bar. Delete or save individual emails or mark selected groups as read or unread.

New Features Available With 2019

Every business multitasks, and Outlook has enhanced their software to accommodate this. Microsoft have continued to improve the functionality of Outlook to accommodate the demands for today’s modern business.

Access Emails On The Go

Keep track of important emails on the move. View emails, contacts and files from any device, from iOS to Android. Simply download the app to your device and you can also sync your contacts from your phone. Send emails from your mobile device to keep updated.

Focused Inbox

Two tabs separate your inbox into two sections, Focused and Other. Focused inbox lets you keep an eye on essential emails while Other divides all the other emails into another. This allows you to concentrate more on the more important incoming emails and disregard other non important emails for another time.

You can delete emails and mark them as read or unread in the Deleted Items folder. Outlook can read emails aloud and lets you dictate messages to write emails on the go. Reminders either pop up over your current windows or in the taskbar to prompt important items that you need to attend to.


Get attention from the person you want to talk to by using the mention feature. By adding @ and their Outlook name in the body of the email, their address will automatically be added to the To line of the email. The receiver will clearly see that they have been mentioned when they see the email on their inbox.

Email Templates

Email templates are now available to use for sending emails that constantly have the same information in the body. Create and save email as templates, and easily access them again. Save the hassle of constantly rewriting the same message, and use templates.

Group Collaboration

Make Groups collaborate on emails and discuss and share files with colleagues. Make Skype calls without exiting Outlook while adding multiple time zones to your calendar means you’ll never miss a meeting.

Visual Enhancements

Bring your email to life. Add Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) to your emails to increase interest. Manipulate the graphic styles, to find the perfect image to convey your message. You can easily place these graphics anywhere in your email, having the essential tools to manage it. The inserted vector images and automatically download OneDrive file attachments.

Schedule Emails

This handy feature allows you to delay the delivery of an email or schedule a time for when it is to be sent. Rules are used to hold the messages in the Outbox before you specifying them to be sent later.

Delivery and Read Receipts

Ensure that your emails are sent and received. You can request a delivery and read receipt to be sent to your inbox to let you know that it has been sent and read. Receiving a confirmation of the email being read gives you that peace of mind that your message was seen just fine.

Summary Cards

Outlook isn’t just for sending and receiving emails. Microsoft has added a travel and packaged summary cards feature to add travel itineraries to your calendar with the summary of the instructions. 

When available, it automatically detects key information such as place of departure and arrival, flight times, and the length of the journey. It almosts acts as a personal assistant but with automated features. All the information you need are in this handy summary cards.

Manage Time Zones

A requirement for businesses is travelling. When travelling across multiple time zones, it is easy to lose track of what the time is. Keep your punctuality by letting Outlook manage your time zone. It knows the device location and converts it to the right time, leaving you with peace of mind that you will always be on time.

System Requirements
      • Operating systems supported: OS X Version 10.12 or later
      • Platform supported: Mac
      • Minimum processor speed: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor

      • Minimum hard drive space: 2.5 Gb
      • Minimum memory: 1 Gb
      • Minimum RAM: 4 Gb; 2 GB (32-bit)
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