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The most well-known word processing software on the planet has been Microsoft Word for decades.

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When most people think of drafting a memo, newsletter, or any other sort of professional communication, Microsoft Word is the first program that comes to mind. If you’re looking for the cheapest price on Microsoft Word online, make sure to buy it from the software experts at SaveOnIt.

For many of us, Microsoft Word may have been one of our first experiences using a computer. Microsoft Word has, for decades, been the number one choice when people are looking to buy a word processor for home or office. From classic features like spelling and grammar check, an impressive font library, and a template for any office need, people have depended on this Microsoft Office app to keep operations running smoothly and efficiently. Millions of people use Microsoft Word daily, from students to CEOs, making it the most popular software program in Microsoft's already prominent Office suite of products. At SaveOnIt, you can instantly download Microsoft Word, and have the software you need right away.

Microsoft has evolved with consumer needs and introduced even more interactive options with other users. Enhanced editing tools allow more enhanced collaboration between users, while other features allow research through the web without leaving the app. Share a document with a coworker for a quick proofread and you can see edits being suggested in real-time. Have a question about a document that requires some research? Look it up with Smart Lookup without ever leaving Word.

The classic features that have made Word synonymous with word processing remain. Options such as spell check allow users to write without fear of spelling or grammatical errors. Word also gives you stylistic choices, helping users nail down syntax to effectively communicate with ease. Need to apply formatting changes to an large portions of a paragraph or even an entire document? Highlight large sections of text and apply mass formatting changes with Format Painter, a feature that is an enormous time saver for anyone working on a large document.

The standard intuitive function of Word perfectly aligns with it being taught alongside general PC usage. When children first learn computer programs, Word is often one of the first things they proficient in. Despite the popularity of web-based word processing services, Microsoft Word has the versatility and easy-to-use functionality that make it a must-have product for any PC or Mac, for home or office.

What is Microsoft Word?

More than a filetype (.doc/.docx), Word has been the premiere publishing software for years. With many innovations throughout its history, such as the advent of AutoCorrect and the Office Clipboard, which allowed users to copy multiple items in a temporary location to use later. However, the top reason users purchase Microsoft Word is its simplistic user interface that focuses on the Ribbon, a top toolbar with every option from text color to inserting pictures or shapes at your fingertips. This interface is often emulated by other competing products.

Continuing this spirit of innovation, a new feature to the 2016 edition is Smart Lookup, a function that searches the web for highlighted words and relevant words around it in a panel on Word itself. That means you will get a digital research assistant for whatever situation, be it the context of an unfamiliar word, or technical jargon in a user manual. You can also use Smart Lookup to find synonyms and definitions, helping eliminate repeated words and keeping communication engaging with their readers.

Microsoft Word is part of the broader Microsoft Office Suite, and buying Microsoft Office has its advantages. The compatibility between apps in the Microsoft Office family is unparalleled and perfect for a business of any size or the home user. Import graphs and data from Excel for a company update, or text from a PowerPoint slide into a memo for consistency, you’ll be able to merge any information from other Office Apps into your specific document.

Templates remain a significant benefit in choosing whether to purchase this Microsoft Office product. With time-tested templates that allow you draft a newsletter, brochure, or resume, you can develop a clean, professional document in no time. With added interactive web features, you can even pull up your LinkedIn and have access to job history at your fingertips when crafting a new resume, or just add a quick update to your existing one.

When you purchase your copy of Microsoft Word from a trusted retailer like SaveOnIt, you get the cheapest price available, every time. We have a low-price guarantee and the best customer service before, during, and after the sale.

Benefits Microsoft Word

You may be asking, why should I buy Microsoft Word? While many free web apps, such as Google Docs or even Microsoft’s Web edition of Word, do the more basic functions, purchasing this Microsoft Office product has its definite benefits.

For anyone running a small business, the import and exporting capability of Microsoft Office products, more specifically Word, cannot be beaten. These functions are if not absent, severely limited with online versions of Word and non-existent with other non-Microsoft office applications. Need to explain complex data analysis in layman’s terms to other departments? Import that data chart from Excel, Visio, or Access to Word, and type away

As mentioned earlier, the importance of templates and access to template libraries cannot be understated. Whether you’re printing a flyer for a neighborhood garage sale or drafting an invoice for your small business, those templates make it as easy as possible. A vast majority of them are free; for a cheap, affordable subscription, you can have access to Microsoft’s entire online template library for even more ideas.

One of the most significant advantages is the real-time editing and co-authoring feature, perfect for a team working on a project or students collaborating on research. Other users can suggest edits and make them, add ideas, or delete unnecessary material alongside you, all on the same document.

With all of these features at your fingertips, there is no reason to wait to get your hands on the product that so many people trust with their word-processing needs. Contact the experts at SaveOnIt, and you’ll find that we have the cheapest price on Microsoft Word anywhere online.

Microsoft Word Editions and Updates

For 2016, Microsoft Office word is compatible with both Mac and Windows. However, each operating system requires its specific product. Both options share the same features but each edition is optimized for their respective OS. If you want the cheapest price on Microsoft Word 2016, look no further than SaveOnIt.

The easy-to-use time-saving function, Tell Me, allows users to describe a function in a search bar, notated by the prompt “Tell Me What You Want to Do.” Tell me then gives users related commands to whatever they just typed. For instance, if need to turn a list into a table, you could highlight the selected list, then type “make into a table” into Tell Me, bypassing menus and toolbars in search of just one command. Already discussed, Smart Lookup is an exciting new edition that gives users seamless research capabilities from within Word itself.

Improved Version History eliminates the need to hit the save icon every 5 minutes in fear of data loss. Every time work autosaves or is uploaded to OneDrive, it keeps a separate version of each file, allowing you to revert to any previous iteration of the file. This is handy when drafting and having multiple files available for comparison.

Co-authoring in real-time is new to Microsoft Word 2016 and will most likely reappear on future editions as well. Paired with another new function, “share,” you can instantly share a document with other users and have them join live for editing help or contributions. Share in Microsoft Word 2016 emulates many web-based word processors such as Google Docs, but adds much more functionality. Great for larger enterprises working cross-functionally on a project, professors offering editing help, or students with differing schedules working on a group assignment.

For the on-the-go professional, Microsoft has increased compatibility with tablets, mobile phones, and other touchscreen devices. With more “draw” options, there is now a Draw Tab, with many stylus settings streamlined for stylus pens, however using your finger is still an option, just more difficult to tweak granularly. Also with the Draw Tab, there is also an Ink Equation function, which allows users to draw an equation with a stylus, finger, or mouse and Microsoft Word 2016 will convert the drawn equation to text.

To use many of these features, you may be required to purchase a Microsoft Office 365 subscription based on your needs. There are Microsoft Office options for Students, Home, and of course Enterprise.

Buy Microsoft Word and Download It Instantly

For any word processing application, you can rely on Microsoft Word to effectively produce written communications as you probably have already done for years. The possibilities are endless, from creating templates for regularly used memos, company newsletters, to working up legal documents. With features so easy to use, any user can confidently draft and edit any type of document for business or personal use.

With new fresh updates that employ more connected features, teams can collaborate effectively and quickly, cutting down on project times and maximizing efficiency. With co-authoring and editing functions, the ability to share, you will have seamless connectivity with classmates, coworkers, or employees and be able to see updates and edits in real time. These updates enhance the already powerful abilities of this cornerstone software.

If you are looking to buy a powerful yet simple and easy to use software with an intuitive user interface, you need to look no further than Microsoft Word. It’s no wonder that this Microsoft Office application remains a staple of enterprises and regular everyday users worldwide and one of the most popular software on the planet.

Looking for the cheapest price on Microsoft Word? At SaveOnIt, we guarantee that you’ll be able to buy Microsoft Word for the lowest price online. Find it cheaper somewhere else? Tell us, and we’ll beat that price by 5%. What’s more, when you buy with us, you get instant downloads and 24/7 customer support before, during, and after your purchase. Why wait? Buy Word from SaveOnIt today.

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