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Microsoft Windows is such an accessible operating system that it is nearly ubiquitous around the world. The vast majority of computers run on one version of Windows or another, so if you’re looking to buy Microsoft Windows online, buy it from the trusted experts at SaveOnIt. We have Windows for cheap, so take advantage of our best-price guarantee and save.

Microsoft takes the responsibility of providing the operating system for the majority of computers very seriously, and recent editions of Windows show that. Of particular note are the last four major releases of Microsoft Windows: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

Windows 7 and Windows 10 have a similar look that has remained incredibly popular.

Windows 8 and 8.1, in contrast, have a significantly different look and interface, which has been more controversial, although a significant minority of users still prefer it.

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When deciding on the ideal Windows operating system for a computer, it is worth looking at the most significant features Microsoft has offered in its recent releases. Again, while many of these features are shared by Windows 7 and 10, 8 and 8.1 are outliers, somewhat, and differences will be noted in each section.

The Start Menu

The Start Menu is a beloved part of the Windows operating system going back to many earlier versions. By simply clicking on the Start Menu, all the programs on the computer, plus essential elements like the Windows Store, cameras, and more can all be accessed instantly. This feature is alive and well in Windows 7 and Windows 10. However, much of the controversy around Windows 8 revolves around its removal. Instead, Windows 8 uses a different system to access programs (the Metro tiles described below). Windows 8.1 splits the difference by providing a version of the Start Menu, although relying on it less than in Windows 7 and 10.

Metro Tiles

In the place of the Start Menu in the other editions, Windows 8 uses a serious of large icons called tiles on its main screen. These tiles provide easy and faster navigation to all the programs you need to access. While the Start Menu has the appeal of being familiar, the Metro Tiles are a quicker way to get where you are going on your computer.

Touch Screen Capabilities

All recent versions of Windows have had touch screen capabilities, although these have increased and expanded with each release. The Windows 8 model was primarily developed specifically for the use of touch navigation. This tradition has continued with Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Cortana Virtual Assistant

Cortana is a voice-activated virtual assistant that can answer questions, run programs, and handle your scheduling, all without touching a key or the mouse. Cortana was first introduced on the phone with Windows 8.1, but it makes its debut on the desktop operating system with Windows 10. Cortana is Windows’ version of Apple’s Siri, although Cortana is far more functional and more completely integrated into the Windows operating system than Siri is with iOS.

The Search Bar for Web Searches from the Desktop

Another Windows 10 exclusive feature is the new and upgraded search bar. While the search bar appears in Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1, those searches had to be limited to what was on the computer. Windows 10’s search bar can also search the web and the Windows Store, making it a far more useful tool that shortcuts more searches.

Moving on from Explorer to Edge

Another improvement found in Windows 10 is the inclusion of a new browser. Microsoft Edge is meant to take over for the slowly retiring Internet Explorer. While Explorer has always had its critics, Edge has debuted to rave reviews as a far superior browser.

Access to Universal Apps

Windows 7 was released before the concept of universal apps was openly discussed and planned. So, it can’t accommodate them. However, from Windows 8 onward, universal apps that run on desktops and mobile devices have been an essential feature of the operating system. These apps can run on every version of the Windows operating system, making it easier to transition between the desktop, the laptop, the tablet, the phone, and the X Box while maintaining the same quality app experience.

Gaming-based Capabilities

As might be expected, while every Windows operating system from 7 onward is capable of successfully running most games, Windows 10 is by far the best option for serious gamers. However, earlier editions have the benefit of having all kinks worked out and were completely stable. So, it comes down to choosing between capabilities and stability. Although Windows 10 is likely to recover ground on the stability front over time.

Choosing the Version of Windows That Is Best for You

In some ways, Microsoft makes it hard for users by providing so many quality options for their operating system. Each version has its benefits, and it all comes down to what your priorities are in your operating system.

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Windows 7 is the best choice for those looking for a stable, well-designed, classic-looking version of Windows but who don’t care about all the latest frills. The shortcomings are minimal, and the quality of performance is part of the reason users continue to stick with Windows 7 after so many years. Want to buy Windows 7 cheap? Buy from SaveOnIt and get the lowest price, guaranteed.

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For those users looking for a design that is wholly focused on touchscreen capabilities, there is nothing better than Windows 8. It allows users to get where they’re going faster, and it is a desirable operating system once users accept the differences from Windows 7. It also supports universal apps. If you’re looking to download Windows 8, make sure to do so from SaveOnIt. We have the cheapest price on Windows 8 online, and our software is ready for instant download.

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Windows 8.1 tries to bridge the differences between Windows 7 and 8. For those looking for all the benefits of Windows 8 but with the comfort of features like a Start Menu, 8.1 is an excellent choice. Buy Windows 8.1 from SaveOnIt, and download it instantly.

Why Buy Windows 10 from SaveOnIt?

Perhaps it is an obvious point to make, but the latest release from Microsoft, Windows 10, is the best. The availability of Cortana, the improved search bar, the Start Menu, the touch capabilities, and the inclusion of more powerful graphics for gaming make Windows 10 the ultimate choice for users who want it all without missing out on any features. If you want Windows 10 for cheap, download it instantly from SaveOnIt and know that you got the very best price online.

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