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If you haven’t heard people raving about Windows 10 recently, you haven’t been listening. This is an operating system that seems to have no detractors. Microsoft has managed to find a way to please everyone with this release.

Microsoft has a reputation for putting out the best-operating systems anywhere; it’s how they came to conquer the world. What makes Windows 10 particular well-loved is how it’s able to have features there for everyone. There are editions with features for the casual user or the work-intensive professional. There’s something for gamers and the laidback user. There’s something for you, too, if you invest in Windows 10 today.

This operating system can accommodate so many user needs because it’s designed to provide the look, navigation, and capabilities that leave the system open to being molded to precisely what that individual user needs from it.

Get your copy of Windows 10 today, and you can start building your ideal operating system experience immediately.

The Quality Windows 10 Recovers from Windows 8

Before getting to what makes Windows 10 stand out, a word needs to be said about the elephant in the room: Windows 8. Now, there are plenty of users who loved and continue to love Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, but it was a controversial release.

There are plenty of reasons on both sides for either embracing or rejecting Windows 8, but the critical point here is that Microsoft heard all the criticism, and the company made all the adjustments necessary to return Windows 10 to the kind of praise last seen in Windows 7.

The changes will be covered more in the next section, but suffice to say, if you were skeptical about Windows after Windows 8, it’s time to come back into the fold with a new highly acclaimed copy of Windows 10.

What Windows 10 Brings to New Users

While it’s easy to say there’s plenty to love in Windows 10, most customers want a little proof before the settle upon a purchase.

To show just how much has been improved in this operating system just read through a few of these upgrades. Before long, you’ll see this is a wholly new and wholly improved Windows that you don’t want to miss out on.

The Start Menu

Let’s start with what is on most people’s minds who have been burned by their Windows 8 experience. Yes, the Start Menu is back in Windows 10. In fact, it’s much improved. Microsoft has managed to bring the traditional look and use of the Start Menu back into the system and placed it right where it always belonged, in the lower left corner. However, the menu also has some new features. In particular, you’ll notice that Microsoft has placed the Metro tile system in miniature in the Start Menu so that users get both the old and the new system in one.

The New Microsoft Login

Another change you’ll notice as soon as you load Windows 10 is the new login system. While it may seem like a boring change at first, there’s a lot to love about how Microsoft is running its login now. Instead of just logging in through a password to your account, you’ll ruse a Microsoft account now. The reason is that you’re now able to control and synchronize all of your devices through this one account. You can set your system preferences, passwords, and more so that your experience is the same on your phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop.

A Simplified Update System

There have long been issues with the update system in Windows that has led to complaints. On the one hand, updates seem to come at the most inconvenient time, which makes everyone delay them over and over again. On the other, those updates are necessary and choosing to delay it puts your system at risk in any number of ways.

In Windows 10, Microsoft has finally found the solution. Microsoft will let you know when there are updates, just like before, but now, instead of just clicking to install at a later date forever, you can go to Active Hours, where you tell your computer when you expect to be inactive on your device. Microsoft will then start automatically updating during those hours.

No delays, no inconvenience.

An Operating System Designed for Gamers

Not everyone is a gamer, but for gamers, an operating system is a serious purchase. Microsoft wants to keep its gaming fans happy with its operating systems, so it has built Windows 10 to be able to handle all of the gamers' needs out there. Those needs include a powerful graphics card, and they also include the new ability to record games and share video easily. You can then also browse through video clips, game trailers, and more.

Microsoft’s Answer to Siri and Alexa

The names Siri and Alexa have become household names because they provide a service that an increasingly large part of the computer using populace wants: a voice-activated guide to help you work through your device. Microsoft has now developed its own virtual assistant in Cortana, who resides right next to the Start Menu in Windows 10. You can get her to play music, open web pages and games, take notes, and so much more. She’s as capable as Siri, only much more integrated into the system.

Choosing Your Windows 10 Edition

Once you’re set on getting Windows 10, all you need to do is settle which version is right for you. There are two main versions of Windows 10: Home and Professional. On a basic level, you can know which is right for you based solely on the names. Home is for a more private-use operating system, while Pro is for those who want Windows 10 for business.

To get a little more in-depth into the difference, though, it’s important to note that all of the above features are available in both Home and Professional editions. The significant differences are the more advanced features found in Pro, which include more privacy and connectivity capabilities, more security, and some virtualization abilities as well. For those who need those high-end features, Pro is the best choice. For those who want Windows 10 for gaming, browsing, and study or at-home needs, Home is the better option.

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