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Sometimes you need a program a little more advanced than your standard word processor to make professional-looking documents.

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Powerful Publishing Tools for Everyday Use

An overlooked application included in every purchase of the Microsoft Office package for 20 years, Microsoft Publisher offers power publishing options for all types. Of course being part of the broader Microsoft Office family, it works cohesively with other Microsoft Office products. It prides itself on accessibility, with easy to use functions that you can use, even if you aren’t well versed in graphic design. Users can create projects with ease, without spending months to learn how to use a niche design program. Users will have access to an extensive library of fonts, templates, and design tools to assist in creating flawless business or personal documents.

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Publisher differs from other Microsoft Office products such as Word in that it focuses on page layout and design rather than the actual text content. Perfect for personal usage, you can pull up templates for a scrapbook, a collection of vacation photos, or a flyer for your next poker night. For repeated business usage, you can create company newsletter, business reports, or reminders with ease.

Another advantage over other desktop publishing applications is cost. Microsoft Publisher comes with specific versions of Microsoft Office or by itself. For those not familiar with graphic design, its accessibility cuts on outsourcing costs for design needs. With a more natural learning curve and lower prices, it’s a must-have in the Microsoft Office suite.

Another advantage over other desktop publishing applications is cost. Microsoft Publisher comes with specific versions of Microsoft Office or by itself. For those not familiar with graphic design, its accessibility cuts on outsourcing costs for design needs. With a more natural learning curve and lower prices, it’s a must-have in the Microsoft Office suite.

With hundreds of templates for any need in the application, users can create and design their own newsletters, business cards, resumes, or even a website with confidence. Even more templates are available online through, a support website for Microsoft Office. As with most other Microsoft Office programs, helpful wizards can guide you in selecting a template based on your needs and input, and then assist in helping you get started. No need for bulkier programs like Adobe InDesign that have a steep learning curve. Anyone who has used a Microsoft Office product should be able comfortable with creating any sort of content.

What Can Publisher Do for Me?

For a personal and professional touch, look no further than Microsoft Publisher. Users will love the familiarity of Microsoft Office interfaces, which allows them to navigate around the program quickly. With impressive libraries of templates, stock photos, and clip art you can give your document the pop you need so it will stand out.

For larger enterprise businesses, consistency is key with repeatedly used communications, such as company newsletters, quarterly updates, letterheads, or memos. With Microsoft Publisher, you can customize your own templates to use again and again by using its Master Pages function, which repeats design layouts on multiple pages. Add company logos on a header for email templates to give your communications a concise and cohesive feel.

For smaller business, Publisher is an inexpensive solution for brochures, business cards, or even menus. Use preloaded templates to start, and once you’ve gotten comfortable with it, you can make your own tweaks and save them as a custom template for later usage. You can even create in other print formats such as banners, pamphlets, or booklets.

Another useful business application of Microsoft Publisher is the ability to import data from other Microsoft Office applications. Need to show off some sales numbers during a monthly meeting? Import your dataset and graphs from Microsoft Excel for meeting notes. Have some text in a Word document that needs to go on a letterhead or memo? You can import that as well. Have a user that needs a document in a PDF file? You can easily convert files to read-only PDFs, such as forms that require hard signatures.

In-Depth Use

For making any poster or brochure, Microsoft Publisher is an excellent tool for uploading high-res images as backdrops or as superimposed images. When sent to print, or uploaded onto a high definition display, your image quality will shine through and not suffer due to compression or scaling. Keep in mind the larger the image file size, the larger your document size will be (which tend to lean on the larger size without images). Let’s say you have uploaded your image and it is not quite what you had hoped, you can easily drag and drop images from folders in Windows, or the web from social media sites like Facebook or image sharing sites like Flickr.

Typography options are robust, offering users a large selection of fonts with its impressive library. Not only can you choose from a wide variety of fonts, but you can also customize typefaces with OpenType. Stylistic Sets gives you a gallery of these options so users can compare different styles of the same font options side-by-side. You can choose from an array of options to set your header, title, or just a particular highlighted piece of text really stand apart.

Should I Buy Publisher?

You might be thinking “...well I can do most of this in Word!” While this is not entirely untrue, the beauty of Publisher is the ability to edit and change aspects on a much more immersive level. With an enhanced ruler, you can make more precise measurements and have exact alignment or spacing between text boxes or graphics. You’ll have a clean and professional looking final product that can be quickly and efficiently created.

With more enhanced features that open up a new world of customization options, Microsoft Publisher users even map out and plan website designs. You can still convert files to HTML, however since the evolution of web design and usage, most users since 2010 users have relied on Publisher now to preliminarily design the final product and use it as a starting line when doing the more complex coding and website development.

Lastly, a massive time-saver and a great incentive to buy Microsoft Publisher is the Mail Merge feature. This option allows you to send a publication via email without ever having to leave the app. No more cycling through Outlook, finding your specific file, then attaching it. Save time and effort and send it with just a click of the mouse. You can do this with any file type, so if you save your .pub document in Publisher as a PDF, you can still use Mail Merge to send it instantly.

New Features for Microsoft Publisher 2016

As with most programs in the Microsoft Office family, Publisher gets some of the same universal updates such as Tell Me and Real-Time Co-Authoring. Cloud-based uploading and sharing is also another connectivity add-on that makes group work more accessible than ever.

Tell Me is a great new function that centers around a search bar in the Ribbon, the updated user interface Microsoft implemented in 2010. The search bar has a simple prompt “Tell Me What You Want to Do,” which means, well, precisely that. Users can simply type in what they are looking for, like upload image for example. Once they type that into the search bar, the Tell Me function will immediately bring up the most relevant prompt. This is great for completely new users or users who maybe haven’t updated their versions for a few iterations.

Another standard feature on all 2016 versions of Microsoft Office products included with Publisher is real-time co-authoring. Following the lead of other popular web-based office applications, now you can use the “Share” function to quickly send files to users on the same network without having to email and attach files. Simply hit “Share” and click the username, and they’ll get a notification with a link in their inbox. Once the file is shared with specific users, they can add comments or edits, make suggestions, and discuss the document in real time alongside colleagues or coworkers.

With OneDrive and SharePoint compatibility, uploading documents is now seamless. This is essential for larger organizations needing one central location to store media and communication templates. Now if someone forgets to save a vital template, they can simply log on to OneDrive or SharePoint to gain access without having to email a colleague or dig through old emails to find that one document. Another handy feature of this cloud-based function is multiple versions of save files, so if you accidentally delete a block of text, you’ll more likely have a recent save via OneDrive or SharePoint as opposed to your last manual save. This helps prevent mass data loss and saves invaluable time.

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The Best Price for Microsoft Publisher Online

While it may not have every design function a seasoned graphic designer needs, the ability to quickly and easily create publications makes Publisher a standout application in the Microsoft Office family. For the everyday user, Publisher does just enough and is easy enough to use that it gives you the confidence to create with gusto. With powerful and intuitive design functions that allow granular and finite changes to make that perfect poster, brochure, or product guide, you’ll find Publisher a cakewalk to use. No longer will you have to bug your designer friend and watch them work wizardry in more complicated programs just to create a simple piece.

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