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Microsoft Office is most famous for being a collection of programs that come together in a suite for individual computer users. While this is undeniably one of Office’s most significant and most popular uses, it is much more than this.

To begin with, Microsoft Office provides solutions to business and personal tasks for everyone from high school students to families to massive corporations. Equally as important is the fact that Microsoft Office is available not only as a suite of programs but in individual program forms. This allows users to pick and choose whichever programs they most need, while also allowing them access to some programs that don’t appear in the Office suites.

This flexibility and scalability is a large part of what makes Microsoft Office the go-to choice for such a large part of the human race. Across the whole world, people choose Microsoft Office suites or individual programs for all of their document creation. With all the best programs available in whatever format you need, it’s easy to see why.

Buying Microsoft Office Apps: The Benefits

To choose the programs that are right for your needs, you need to know first what programs are available. Thankfully, Microsoft has made all its Office programs from its suites available for individual download, as well as some other advanced applications that can only be purchased individually.

These programs still share all the same integration and collaboration potential as is found in the Office suite. They also have the same remarkable breadth of features and capabilities. Programs are also easily upgraded, allowing users to access older documents and update them with all the new features found in more modern tools. Programs are also capable of working on almost all recent devices, including PCs and Macs, as well as tablets and smartphones, giving you more flexibility with how and where you access your programs.

As the cheapest place to buy Microsoft Office apps, we can guarantee that our software is authentic and is delivered instantly upon purchase. What's more, our customer service is available at all hours to handle all your Microsoft Office app questions.

Microsoft Office App Details

SaveOnIt has the cheapest prices on Microsoft Office apps online. The programs available in app-form from Microsoft include:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Project
  • Microsoft Visio

More details on every program are available below.

Microsoft Word

Looking to buy Microsoft Word for cheap? SaveOnIt has the best price available online, guaranteed. Find it for a better price somewhere else? Let us know, and we’ll beat that price by 5%. Create all your word-processing documents with all the tools to allow you to unleash your creativity when you download the Microsoft Word app from SaveOnIt. Word is the most popular word-processing program in the world in no small part because of how well it adapts to the vision of each user.

Word’s focus on text is not a limit but instead of a significant boon to the program. With Word, users can redesign text and document layout by changing everything from fonts and text size to adding images, video, shapes, and charts. The program can work with all major languages. It allows users to edit text easily and includes crucial editing tools like spelling and grammar checkers.

Microsoft Excel

Second only to Microsoft Word is use is Microsoft Excel, a spreadsheet program that stores and organizes data. If you’re looking for the cheapest price on Excel, look no further than SaveOnIt. Excel has advanced abilities, including powerful calculating that manipulates all selected data with a wide variety of formulas. Excel also includes many charts, tables, and graphs that allow users to interact with data more visually.

Excel is a popular program with users in the home and business because it can handle everything from home expenses and personal tax information to large business operation data (although large companies often prefer the more powerful Access database described below).

Microsoft PowerPoint

The slideshow presentation program Microsoft PowerPoint has been a mainstay of offices and schools for decades. The main reason for this is how adaptive it is. With tons of graphical features that keep presentations fresh from slide to slide, it is easier to get across information to an audience that might be boring on the page. PowerPoint provides animations, transitions, shapes, audio, and video capabilities. It also includes recording and rehearsal capabilities, making it the reigning champion of presentations in today’s schools and offices just as it was more than thirty years ago.

At SaveOnIt, you can download Powerpoint instantly, and will save money at the same time. We have the cheapest price on Powerpoint, guaranteed.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is an application that has provided email to millions and millions of businesses and private individuals over the years. Outlook is more than just an inbox, though. It includes powerful email organizational tools that streamline online communication. It also integrates other essential tools, such as calendars, contacts, and a task manager. All combined, these tools work together so that emails about an upcoming event can instantly be added to calendars, while all related contacts can be notified of the event just as quickly.

Looking to buy Microsoft Outlook for cheap? SaveOnIt has the best price on the Microsoft apps you need, guaranteed. Our prices will not be beaten, and you can download your app instantly.

Microsoft Publisher

With a familiar, intuitive design, Microsoft Publisher makes it a simple step for new users to begin creating professional-quality publications that would usually take months of training on more complicated programs. Publisher can develop publications for everyday use or businesses. It can guide users through the creation of everything from business cards and postcards to newsletters and brochures, and much, much more.

Download Microsoft Publisher instantly from SaveOnIt. We have the cheapest price on Publisher and all the Microsoft apps you love. Find a better deal elsewhere? Let us know, and we’ll beat their price by 5%.

Microsoft Access

For a business to be successful, it has to work intimately with a lot of data. That data can’t just be organized; it has to be available for advanced analysis and business intelligence. It also needs to be able to be condensed into reports that can be shared across the business. Microsoft Access provides for all of this, with the bonus of complete customization for its databases so that businesses can work with their data precisely as they need to. SaveOnIt has Microsoft Access ready for you to download instantly. Don’t wait to get the apps you need, at the best possible price online.

Microsoft Project

When a business begins a project, it necessarily has to have many moving parts. A large number of people are often involved, each one with a different schedule, different responsibilities, and different metrics to work from. Microsoft Project allows businesses to organize all of these different strands, organize them, and monitor them so that every project is shepherded to a conclusion by the deadline in an efficient and streamlined fashion.

Need Microsoft Project right now? Want to get Project for cheap? Look no further that SaveOnIt, where we have the best prices on the apps you need, along with instant downloads.

Microsoft Visio

The charts and graphs available in Excel and Word and great in a limited sense, but more complicated business require more complex visual diagrams. For those more advanced, often technical needs, Microsoft Visio is available. It includes a massive library of shapes and objects, as well as templates that guide users to the diagrams and visualizations required for different businesses.

For the cheapest price on Microsoft Visio online, visit SaveOnIt today. Buy from us and download your software instantly with the click of a button.

Download Microsoft Office Apps from SaveOnIt

When you purchase Office programs as individual apps, you have even more flexibility than when you buy an Office suite. These apps are available in multiple editions, each with its own set of tools and features. Now, you can pick and choose all the versions that are ideal for your requirements and gain complete access to those programs. At SaveOnIt, we have the Microsoft Office apps you want, for the cheapest prices available online. Don’t wait, buy from us and download instantly today.

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