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Microsoft Office has been the premier name in word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and business email for decades. From the 1990s onward, it has been the most popular suite of programs for use in businesses, homes, and schools across the world. Its programs remain the highest standard in their fields and are immediately recognizable to everyone by name or by sight.

Microsoft Office gained this advantage by providing the best products possible with every release. Every edition includes the latest tools available, allowing for ever greater boundary pushing on what is possible in content creation. At the same time, new releases are always more intuitive and easier to use, allowing for users to work at an advanced level without requiring advanced technical understanding.

The Entire Microsoft Office Suite of Programs

There are several programs that are part of the Office suite of applications. These include:

  • Microsoft Word for word processing
  • Microsoft Excel for spreadsheets
  • Microsoft PowerPoint for presentations
  • Microsoft OneNote for note-taking
  • Microsoft Outlook for business email
  • Microsoft Access for databases
  • Microsoft Publisher for publication design
  • Skype for Business for advanced communication

The Microsoft Office programs can be purchased in many editions (from 2010, 2013, and 2016, for instance) and many versions of those editions (Home & Student, Home & Business, and Professional, for example). These editions include different features in their programs, and these versions include more or fewer applications. SaveOnIt is the right place for you if you’re looking to buy Microsoft Office cheap. Not sure which edition is right for you? Read on to learn more.

Which Version of Microsoft Office Is Right for You?

The short answer is that any version can be right for you. All Microsoft Office programs are all designed for excellent usability for every user, from the complete novice to an absolute expert. However, each version is created with a specific kind of customer in mind.

Microsoft Office Home & Student is ideal for individuals and households that need essential Office tools either for school or just personal use. If you want to buy Microsoft Office Home & Student for cheap, buy from SaveOnIt and save.

Microsoft Office Home & Business is an excellent choice for small and midsize businesses, freelancers, and those who merely want to be able to do some work at home. Looking to download Microsoft Home & Business? Get it from SaveOnIt, and download Microsoft Home & Business instantly.

Microsoft Office Professional and Microsoft Office Professional Plus have larger businesses and enterprises in mind that have some more advanced needs that go beyond the everyday requirements of smaller companies. You can buy Microsoft Office Professional from SaveOnIt and get your software instantly. We have the Microsoft Office Professional for cheap, and you can get it as an instant download any time.

The Right Applications for Your Projects

Every program included in the Microsoft Office suite is designed to provide for all the of the potential projects that might arise that would require new documents in that platform. These programs are flexible enough to provide for both private needs and those of businesses.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a word processor that is perhaps the most famous program in the Office suite. It is mostly text-based, but it can accommodate many other elements, including the insertion of charts and graphs, images, and in later editions, even video.

Some of the documents Microsoft Word can assist in creating are:

  • Essays and reports
  • Letters and memos
  • Invoices and brochures
  • A daily journal or diary
  • Lists, calendars, and personal notes
  • Web pages and blogs

That is only a small sample of what the program is capable of. It combines basic writing with advanced editing tools and powerful design abilities that can reshape entire documents. Want to buy Microsoft Word cheap? SaveOnIt's lowest-price guarantee ensures that you can download Microsoft Word instantly for the best price online.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program that allows users to work more closely with their data. It provides for basic organization and storage of data, but Excel is most effective when it is asked to do more, such as running advanced calculations or creating charts and graphs out of the data you provide it.

Some of the tools available in Microsoft Excel are:

  • Data input into columns and rows for anything from sales and employee information to personal finances
  • Data organization options to reorganize data in new ways depending on your current needs
  • Formulas that allow Excel to perform incredibly complex calculations instantly
  • Tables, charts, graphs, and more that enable users to visualize their data more effectively

All of these categories can be expanded into many different functions that let users work in Excel as they need it. If you want to buy Microsoft Excel, the only place to purchase it online is SaveOnIt. Buy Excel for cheap from us, and download it instantly today.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation program that includes all the tools necessary to create entertaining and informative presentations on any topic. Popular with students, teachers, and business leaders, it can handle everything from a book report to a business plan for a corporation.

Some of the tools available in Microsoft PowerPoint include:

  • Individual slides that can be designed to fit specific needs and styles
  • Special effects such as animations and transitions that allow for eye-catching changes while slides show new information or transition to new slides
  • Themes that simplify presentation creation and set a single look for the presentation
  • Slideshows that can play automatically or by clicking to allow them to play out at the pace you need

Do you need to buy Powerpoint to make a compelling presentation? The cheapest price for Powerpoint online is undoubtedly at SaveOnIt. Come shop us and save.

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is designed to handle all the most advanced note-taking needs, including the ability to insert photos, audio files, video files, screenshots, as well as text-based notes. These combinations make it possible to handle all of today’s various means of broadcasting information. It’s perfect for students or businesspeople. Don’t spend too much on Microsoft OneNote. Buy OneNote from SaveOnIt and save money on your purchase.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook provides a more advanced email, communication, and scheduling platform than you get in the free email options available on the web. To begin with, it integrates all those features into a single program so that calendars, correspondence, and contacts work together. It also provides advanced organizational tools to help keep communication streamlined, so it doesn’t upset your work. There’s a reason why so many people choose to buy Microsoft Outlook from SaveOnIt. We have the cheapest price on Outlook, the best customer service, and you can download Outlook instantly.

Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher includes all the tools users need to create professional-quality publications in a digital or print version. While Publisher is in some ways similar to Word in its combination of text and visual features, Publisher’s focus is on the visual more than the text (while Word has the opposite focus). Publisher includes advanced layout and design tools so that users can create everything from book covers to postcards and newsletters. SaveOnIt has the cheapest price for Microsoft Publisher online, guaranteed. Find it somewhere else for less? Let us know, and we’ll beat THEIR price by 5%.

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is a more advanced database than Excel. While it shares some similarities, Access can handle much more significant amounts of data and can analyze that data in more sophisticated ways. Access is necessary for larger companies that have a vast number of employees, purchases, sales, or other data to organize, coordinate, and analyze. Need to download Microsoft Access instantly? Turn to the experts at SaveOnIt for the best prices on Microsoft Office and Access, and get your product key instantly.

Buy Microsoft Office Today

Microsoft Office is, above everything else, a tool, and an excellent tool at that. Its programs are tailored to specific types of content, but they are flexible enough to allow users to express themselves freely. Office is like the canvas and the paints, allowing the artist to create whatever they wish to convey. If you want to buy Microsoft Office, make sure to buy it from SaveOnIt today. We have the cheapest prices on Microsoft Office, instant downloads, and have the best customer support before, during, and after the sale.

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