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There can be a tension between the software choices businesses want to make and the hardware choices they want to make. Specifically, many businesses prefer to work with Apple products, but they find that Apple products sometimes have certain limitations on the software market. Not every program crosses over, and this can lead to difficult decisions having to be made on future purchases.

Thankfully, one set of programs that function perfectly well on every Mac, iPhone, and iPad is Microsoft Office Home & Business for Mac. This suite includes all the programs businesses of all types, PC-based or Apple-based, have come to rely on for decades. With these programs in hand, businesses are better able to adapt to all upcoming projects, communicate more effectively, and discover new capabilities within the Office features on offer.

Who Is Microsoft Office Home & Business for Mac For?

Just as the business world is diverse, so too Microsoft Office Home & Business for Mac is able to provide support for a diverse set of needs. The programs within Microsoft Office are designed for ultimate flexibility, making it easy for users to tailor the programs to all kinds of different needs.

This flexibility makes it possible for Microsoft Office Home & Business for Mac to accommodate the needs of startups, freelancers, small businesses, medium businesses, and huge enterprises. Essentially, anyone with a business need that Office might fix can find benefits in purchasing Microsoft Office Home & Business for Mac.

Why Businesses and Freelancers Prefer Microsoft Office Home & Business for Mac

While it may be true that Microsoft Office Home & Business for Mac is capable for helping businesses, there are still other options out there, so why to businesses keep making this same choice over and over again?

The reasons start with the reputation of these programs. Each and every program included in Microsoft Office Home & Business for Mac has long established itself as the brand name known for stability, advanced features, and easy use. While most programs see tough setbacks in some of their launches, this has never been the case with Microsoft Office Home & Business for Mac, and so businesses feel safe buying every new edition.

Beyond that, the programs and file types used by Microsoft Office are simply inescapable in business. No business person wants to have to delay reviewing an important document because they can’t open a .docx file with their word processor.

Finally, Microsoft Office Home & Business for Mac is tailored specifically to Mac use. It comes with all the PC features, the same quality design, and even has some individual Mac-based upgrades that will be discussed below.

What Features Come with Microsoft Office Home & Business for Mac

While companies and individuals buy Microsoft Office Home & Business for Mac for the programs, there is still a lot of Office-wide features that are worth covering before getting to all those program options.

To begin with, each Office program is laid out with the Ribbon, which is the toolbar at the top of each document, filled with icons that can be adjusted for personalized preference. They’re laid out in an intuitive and easy to use fashion so that every document can be manipulated quickly and to the preferred specifications of the user.

Another major feature introduced in recent editions is the ability to work on documents on any device. This is possible thanks to two innovations: the integration of the Microsoft OneDrive cloud that allows documents to be saved and retrieved from anywhere; and creation of Office Web Apps that give users the ability to access all programs through a browser.

Businesses have also been able to increase their collaboration capabilities thanks to the inclusion of the recent co authoring tool in Word and PowerPoint. this allows users to work together in real-time on documents, creating and changing content, as well as messaging, all within the document itself.

In recent editions, Microsoft Office Home & Business for Mac has also included a Mac-specific feature in the ability to work with Retina Display from all recent Apple devices.

What Programs Come with Microsoft Office Home & Business for Mac

Features are nice, but again, businesses buy Microsoft Office Home & Business for Mac for the programs. So, to highlight some of the major capabilities of those programs, read through the descriptions below.

Microsoft Word

Businesses need to work with a lot of text, no matter what their overall speciality, and Microsoft Word is able to provide for all those needs. With Word, users can great a vast number of document types through individual creation or templates. Some of the many document options include:

  • Invoices
  • Resumes and CVs
  • Calendars
  • Letter and envelopes
  • Pamphlets
  • Brochures
  • Notes from meetings
  • Blog posts and webpages

This is just the beginning. Documents can also incorporate different kinds of media, including images and in later editions, video. With Word, any word-based business needs can be accounted for.

Microsoft Excel

If it isn’t text-based documents, it’s numbers and other organization-focused data that requires real assistance. That assistance in Office comes from Microsoft Excel, which organizes everything from hours worked for each employee to expenses for a project. That data can then be used for calculations and graphs, or it can be reorganized to discover more about what your business has been up to.

Microsoft PowerPoint

While many associate Microsoft PowerPoint with the classroom, this refined presentation creator has plenty of use in the office and boardroom. Slides can be created to meet all the specifications of the user, allowing them to be filled with information that is still easily digested and entertaining to learn.

PowerPoint works with text, images, .gifs, audio, video, and more, and it includes animations, transitions and templates to make the designing easier.

Microsoft OneNote

What is a businessperson supposed to do when taking in all that information from meetings, seminars, and conferences? The old days of having to try to record it all in shorthand in a notepad are gone. Now, users of Microsoft OneNote can collect all that information in various forms (video, audio, text, image, link) and place it all together in a single location so it is easily retrieved.

Microsoft Outlook

As was mentioned above in Microsoft Excel, businesses are organization hungry. The more organization the better. And that is particularly true when it comes to communication. With Microsoft Outlook, a business automatically gets better organized. Email inboxes are organized well, messages, email, and files are easier to send, calendars are organized and synced to email, contacts are organized and easily retrieved. In short, Microsoft Outlook is a whole organization kit in a single program.

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