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It’s possible you’ve never heard of AVG Online Antivirus. While it’s long been a superior antivirus choice, it was first developed in the Czech Republic, and it hasn’t had the kind of recognition that brings the name to the average computer user’s attention. One antivirus product you probably have heard of, though, is Avast, is now the owner of AVG. So, it may be best to think of AVG as a more powerful, more advanced version of the Avast software you’ve heard praised so much.

With AVG, you’ll be able to eliminate all the threats that are targeting your device. You’ll get the kind of superior protection that has made AVG a prized company that was worth Avast spending billions to acquire.

Most importantly, you’ll get coverage that lives up to the claims it makes. No more disappointments, no more computer slowdowns, no more fear of outside risks. AVG Online Antivirus now has you covered, completely.

What AVG Stands For

AVG, the name, stands for Anti-Virus Guard. The company itself stands for providing absolute security for any device you use. Or, as they put it: “advanced full protection for unlimited devices.”

The company makes a point of focusing on protection for devices above all else, going so far as to offer some free protection (although this lacks many of the necessary capabilities users require to stay safe). AVG Technologies designed the product.

History of AVG

AVG Technologies, like its new parent company Avast, was created in the Czech Republic. AVG was founded in 1991 by Jan Gritzbach and Tomáš Hofer to provide better antivirus and internet security options for users.

While many users in North America may not know the name, AVG has spent the last 25-plus years building up a massive network of loyal customers, making it the third-most popular antivirus option on the planet, with the most popular being its new partner, Avast. The company had more than 200 million users before it was acquired by Avast (which has more than 400 million).

AVG + Avast

AVG and Avast now function as a single company, although they continue to use both names. What that means is that users can now get the benefits of both company’s products in a single purchase. With the third- and first-most popular antivirus software products coming together, users are sure to get the best protection available anywhere at the best price.

How AVG Does More

The main reason AVG can provide such advanced protection now is because of its mega-acquisition by Avast, which as described above, more than doubles its resources. But even before this acquisition, AVG was at the top of the antivirus game.

AVG’s strategy of strategic acquisitions to be able to keep up with all the changes in technology has allowed it to avoid falling behind user (and malware) trends, as some companies have. It’s use of a free basic antivirus to display the capabilities of its software has also helped prove to users just how good the software is and how important it is to get the full version.

AVG has won numerous awards for its antivirus software, making it one of the most decorated and trusted names in the field.

What AVG Online Antivirus Provides For Each User

AVG has done a great job convincing users that it is worth installing, but if you are considering getting it today, you may want to know more about what the software does instead of just hearing promises that it will be useful. So, to help you make your antivirus choice, these are some of the most important features found in an AVG Online Antivirus subscription:

  • Stops all the threats your computer faces: The term “antivirus” is a bit of a misnomer, since a lot of the threats your computer faces aren’t viruses at all. They can be worms, adware, spyware, trojan horses, and many other kinds of malware. Luckily, AVG protects against all of these threats with an incredibly high rate of success.
  • Blocks unsafe content to help keep your safe: An antivirus is an essential piece of software to have, but one of the best ways to keep your device safe is merely to avoid the risks where they’re present. You can either become incredibly paranoid about everything you click on, or you can let AVG do the work. With AVG, links, downloads, and attachments that are suspicious are automatically blocked. AVG figures out what’s safe and what’s not so you don’t have to worry.
  • Provides scans and updates to make sure your device is safe and prepared: No antivirus will remain updated for long. Threats evolve at an incredibly fast rate. That’s why AVG provides updates regularly for free. It also scans your system to make sure if a threat somehow made it past, it gets removed before it can do any damage.
  • Keeps out hackers as well as code: Some threats don’t come from malicious code (which is what malware like viruses really is). Sometimes, it’s from a direct threat from a person, a hacker. AVG’s firewall keeps this threat out as well.
  • Makes sure your money is safe online: Much of our day-to-day commerce takes place online, which makes it an easy target for malware and hackers. AVG makes sure every transaction that involves your money is secure from every threat, so you never have to worry about your information and your money being stolen.
  • Helps you avoid fake websites and scams: There are plenty of other threats out there that AVG is ready to help you with. Fake websites, spam messages, and phishing attacks (in which someone tries to trick you into revealing information or giving away money) are all serious, prevalent threats. AVG has you covered on this as well.
  • Unlimited installations: Unlike other antivirus options out there, AVG will let you purchase one subscription and cover all your devices. No more trying to pick which device needs protection most. One subscription and you are safe on every platform.
  • Keeps your Android phone safe as well: This unlimited installation extends to your Android phone as well.
  • Speak with AVG 24/7: You can contact AVG any time with any questions. Its experts are available on chat and phone lines.
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