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Whether you have an individual subscription for one device or a whole small business of devices you want to transfer over, this can add a certain level of complexity to your otherwise ideal choice.

Office 365 Migration Service from SaveOnIT

Let the Experts Handle Your Big Upgrade

Once you’ve finally made the decision to move forward with Office 365, you’re sure to be excited and satisfied by the decision, but there is one problem that immediately arises: how are you going to migrate over to the Office 365 system? Whether you have an individual subscription for one device or a whole small business of devices you want to transfer over, this can add a certain level of complexity to your otherwise ideal choice.

Instead of stressing about how to migrate your programs and files over to Office 365, stop googling solutions, and just purchase our Office 365 Migration Service. Our experts will take over the whole process, ensuring that the migration process is smooth, fast, and mistake-free.

Do you feel like this isn’t quite the Office 365 product you thought it was? Looking for something else? Take a look at all of our Microsoft cloud products, and you’ll find plenty of other Office 365 options.

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Office 365 Migration Service Features

The Key to a Successful Beginning of Your Office 365 Journey

You made the choice to upgrade to Office 365 because you wanted to get more from your Office suite. Since that was your goal, you also want to make sure you can successfully accomplish that by having all your programs up and running on your device and all your files ready for access.

We can provide for any Office 365 migration process, and our experts will help you accomplish all of the following:

           Migrate more effectively: When you try to migrate to Office 365 on your own, you can run into all kinds of problems, including missing out on features or losing track of files. Our experts are able to streamline the whole process so that it gets done thoroughly and properly the first time. It saves you time, energy and stress.

           Enjoy expert assistance right when you need it most: There are times when you can handle the basic tech requirements for your device, and there are times when you really want to have an expert handy to make sure nothing goes wrong. This is one of those latter times. Our experts are trained to handle every aspect of the Office 365 migration process, making sure none of your Office 365 nightmares come true.

           Never worry about a troubleshooting situation: If a problem does arise in the Office 365 migration process, you’ll have an expert on hand to handle it. You won’t have to stress over finding a solution quickly or trying to reverse a previous choice. Our experts will be able to steer you around any issues that might crop up (and honestly, they rarely come up at all when our experts are running the show).

           Migrate faster to avoid all that downtime: If nothing else, you want an expert to assist you, so you don’t have to risk serious downtime. If you need Office 365 for your work or studies, you don’t want to be without your programs for hours or days as the migration process drags on. You need it done now, which is something we can do for you.

           Bring all your old files along without a hitch: Getting a good start with Office 365 requires you have access to all of your old files. You want to be able to maximize the use of those files, not have to recreate them. A successful migration process will ensure you have complete access to all files used previously, allowing you to pick up work right where you left off.

           Keep your files secure while they migrate: When working with software, security is always a concern these days. Our experts can migrate your system to Office 365 without requiring any changes to your security. Files and programs will still migrate like normal.

           Install Office 365 no matter the device, the server, or the software: Perhaps the most common concern we see is about Office 365 migration for older devices, servers, or related software. Our experts are able to work around any limitations. As long as your device meets the system requirements for Office 365, we can handle the migration.

System Requirements
  •  Processor: 1 GHz or faster x86 or x64 for PC; Intel processor for Mac
  • RAM: 2 GB for PC; 4 GB for Mac
  • Available Disk Space: 3 GB for PC; 6 GB for Mac
  • Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 for PC; 1280 x 800 for Mac
  • Operating System: Windows 7 SP1 or later for PC; Windows Server 2008 R2 or later for Windows Server; Mac OS X 10.10 or later for Mac


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