Microsoft Word 2019 for Mac

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Microsoft Word 2019 for Mac

  • ● The number one word-processing software
  • ● Utilize new improvements in digital pen features, book-like page navigation, Learning Tools, and Translation
  • ● Help prevent malicious attacks and detect suspicious activity on your operating system and workloads.
  • ● Securely exploit and run your existing applications on Windows Server 2016 to transform them into new cloud-native models.

With Microsoft Word 2019, you can control your data center with automatic operating systems and access shared storage features in different Microsoft data clouds. Feel utterly secure while running your existing applications on the newest version of the windows server and make them into brand new models. Using the feedback system, you can help software engineers make new updates and improve the experience for customers all over the world.

Using Microsoft Word 2019 for Mac, you can protect yourself against different attacks and become aware of any foreign activity on your system before it’s too late. There are additional options to increase security and protect your machine from all kinds of dangers. Make your system flexible and control the lowering of prices with cutting-edge software designed for superior networking and storage options.

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GTIN 644216324705
MPN 644216324705
Operational System Mac
Year of Product 2019



Make everything easier

Using Microsoft Translator, you can get rid of the language barrier and work with texts and words from different languages. 

Draw and write with your digital pen. A customized portable set of pens lets you write in your document naturally. This will allow you to mark important parts of the text or draw shapes using different options.

Stop the scroll and flip through pages like a book with Side to Side view.

Open a document if you accidentally close it or start reading wherever you left off when you last shut down the program. It works even when you reopen an online report from a different computer.

There is also an option of using videos you find online into word. You don't have to leave the program or close the document to this. Stay concentrated on the content at all times.

Work with others with streamlined collaboration tools. It's possible to reach these tools whenever you come online. Also, it becomes easy to share your documents with friends and colleagues using SharePoint and SkyDrive. These cloud storages will help you access and share whatever Word, Excel or Office files. It's even possible to do projects at the same time onyour record with your workmates.

Upgrade your experience

There are now audio effects that can improve your work in Microsoft Office by utilizing different audio cues. You can turn these off if they distract you, but it's recommended to leave them on for the pleasant experience.

Enhance understanding with modifying paragraph spacing, line width, and page color. Or hear as Word reads your text aloud, highlighting text as it's followed.

Use LaTeX syntax in your equations. Word now supports LaTeX math syntax to create and edit math equations.

Editing tools are eliminated to reduce distress, but you nevertheless have admittance to the means that are always convenient for reading such as Define, Translate, and Search on Web.

With Word 2019 you can design more attractive and appealing records, and you can work with
more media samples‚ like online videos and photos. You can also prepare PDFs.

Support for icons and SVG

Microsoft Word 2019 for Mac now allows you to fully utilize scalable SVG images. Scalable vector graphics can now be added swiftly and with ease to your document, making it much more readable and easy to grasp. SVG images can be resized and edited without losing any quality, making them perfect for your needs.

Word 2019 for Mac now supports fully-editable SVG images, allowing you to apply different effects or simply add a touch to make it unique. All of this is available from the get-go, making Word 2019 one of the best software for writers and those who frequently work with the documents.

3D Models at Your Glance

The software comes with a support for 3D models. Thanks to the improved performance and
visual experience of Word 2019 for Mac, you can now easily implement any kind of 3D object or

3D image and rotate it to get a full picture. The ease of use allows even the reader to rotate the
object in order to get a hold of every bit of information.

Focus Mode

Users can now enjoy the most popular feature called Focus Mode. Focus mode allows you to remove any kind of distraction by letting Word 2019 remove and hide all the toolbars in order to reduce screen clutter. This will allow you to focus solely on your document and enjoy your work, both as a reader and the writer.

Great Digital Pen

Microsoft Word 2019 for Mac expands its usability by implementing a whole portable set of digital pens and pencils. This will let you insert important notes or simply write and draw in your document in a natural way. Thanks to this renewed feature, you can highlight important info in your documents, draw something if needed, and even do the math. The possibilities are endless with your plethora of digital pens!

Numerous Templates

Word 2019 comes with a vast choice of new templates to help you get started. These templates will increase the functionality of your software and will let you start a new document in no time. You don’t have to begin every document from scratch anymore! Simply visit the Templates tab and get what you need, if you don’t want a Blank document.

Save and Share Data in the Cloud

If you’re tired of keeping your documents in your PC, Word 2019 supports the cloud services like SharePoint or SkyDrive. Get ready to experience the ultimate cloud computing at its finest, thanks to the renewed Word 2019 platform that is able to keep up with today’s standards.

System Requirements
    • CPU: Intel x86 64
    • RAM: 4 GB or more

    • OS: MAC 10.12 or later
    • Resolution:1280 x 800 or more

    • Memory Required: 6 GB HDD including HFS Plus formatted disc.
    • Browsers: Safari, Chrome
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