Microsoft Word 2019 for Mac Open License

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Microsoft Word 2019 for the Mac is a cloud-connected version of Office which delivers the most productive as well as the most secure Office experience all with the lowest total cost of ownership for deployment and management.

Microsoft Word 2019 for Mac Open License

Microsoft Word 2019 for the Mac is the next on-premises version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Project, Visio, Access, and Publisher.

Microsoft Word 2019 for the Mac is a cloud-connected version of Office which delivers the most productive as well as the most secure Office experience all with the lowest total cost of ownership for deployment and management.

For users who aren’t ready for the cloud, Office 2019 also provides new features as well as updates to the on-premises apps for both users along with their IT professionals.

Customer Feedback and Review

Here is what some people are saying about this product:


"I love how easy Microsoft Word 2019 for Mac Open License is to use, how many functions it has, and how easy it is to style e-books, documents, manuscripts, and other types of text. I would highly recommend Microsoft Word to anyone needing to create letters, documents, manuscripts, etc. It is user-friendly and allows documents to be of professional quality. Microsoft Word is fantastic for my copywriting business allowing me to create landing pages, sales emails, web content, articles, blogs, e-books, e-newsletters, special reports, and much more. I also use it to create manuscripts for my novels that I publish. Everything turns out professional quality." - Cierra Hicks

Best, without a doubt

"Without a doubt, Microsoft Word 2019 for Mac Open License is the best document processor today. As a specialist in the IT area and a professor of higher education in the area of ??computer science, the sending of professional and efficient documents is the order of the day. MS Word, allows me to make all communications in a competitive format and with a high professional level. The tools for editing format and editing images are the tools that I like the most. Also, the integration that allows the application with tools in the cloud to edit documents in real time are totally competitive and efficient. Another characteristic that I like is the possibility of executing electronic calculation sheets such as MS Excel, from the editing of my documents. Not only allows me to edit formats but also allows you to interact with other applications of the MS Office family" - Catalina Cowan

My Software

"This has been my software for creating documents and doing writings for many years, is has many options, it is totally customizable and is always getting better in any new version, you can use it to integrate pictures, links. Microsoft Word 2019 for Mac Open License can be used as daily software, and for professional reporting documents. I use this software daily, i'm a support consultant and i do administrate and check everyday many systems, so if there is an issue, i do an report with microsoft word, that includes pictures and specifications of the problem, so my team mates or my boss can check, not only with their desktop app, they can see it online, or in their cellphones." - Kayley Hutchinson

More Information
GTIN 644216327201
MPN D48-01257
Operational System Mac
Year of Product 2019

  • create documents,

  • edit the documents as needed

  • sharing them with others.

Other Features

Hidden Tools

One of the best parts about these new upgrades is that the toolbar is no longer visible at the top of your screen. Don’t fret, however, as you can still have access to all of the editing tools via the menu. They are now hidden to help minimize your distractions while you write and stay focused.

User-Friendly and Interactive

Everyone enjoys software as well as applications that are simple to use, which Microsoft Words has always been about. However, with this recent upgrades, it has become even easier to use.

You can now easily insert any videos from online, and then watch them while you also write. This new feature can save you so much more time since you won’t have to open and then close Word regularly.

Increasing your overall productivity

You can also easily translate any words that you may need for any language you are unaware of easily from the review tab at the top of your screen. You can also add images to your documents now, even those that are 3D images -- to make your documents look much better. There are also different icons that you can choose to add as well as change colors if needed.

If you are using Word on a touchscreen, you can use a stylus feature and then write with different colored inks. You can also choose the size of the lettering as well as erase as needed. This can make your document more personalized, and they will stand out even more.

Simple Sharing

If you are sharing documents with others, it will become simpler for you and your team in so many ways. You can now easily share any of your documents and send them to the cloud. All you will need to do is save them to the cloud and have internet access.

There can now be many people who can work on the same document at once, and you can watch as your team edit and changes anything to the document. You can also leave notes as well as comments on any changes that have been made; to better clarify what needs to be done.

Any comments along with notes you make will show up next to the text. Once the comments have been addressed, you can then mark them as acceptable, and they will become grey. These new completed comments will still be available for you to look at later for; only for reference if needed.


Templates have long been available on Word, but some of the new ones that you will notice have been added with many different styles. You can now also create your own templates and thus save so much time.

Microsoft Word 2019 for Mac Open License

  • Do more with your docs:

  • Pop in an online video,

  • Open a PDF and edit the content,

  • Align pictures as well as diagrams with minimal fuss.

The new Read Mode is clean as well as distraction-free‚, and it makes working great on your tablets. Teaming-up is also better as well; with you having direct connections to your online spaces along with having streamlined review features like Simple Markup and comments.

Enjoy The Read

Get absorbed in the Word documents right from your screen with a new clean, comfortable reading view.

New Read Mode

You can now really enjoy reading with a view that displays your documents in an easy-to-read column on the screen.

Editing tools have also been removed to minimize distractions, but you will still have access to the tools which are always handy for reading such as:

  • Define

  • Translate

  • Search on Web

Object zoom

By double-tapping with your finger or double-clicking with your mouse to zoom in you can make your tables, your charts, and your images in your document fill the screen. You can now also focus on and take in more information and then by tapping or clicking again outside the object to zoom out so you can continue on reading.

Resume Reading

Reopen a document as well as keep reading right where you left off. The Word remembers where you were -- EVEN when you reopen an online document from a different computer!

Not too shabby!

Online video

Insert online videos so you can watch right in Word and do so without having to leave the document so that you can stay focused on your content.

Expand As Well As Collapse

Collapse or expand parts of any document with just a tap of the finger or a click. You can also start to put summaries in the headings and leave them to the readers to open the section and thus read the details if they want.

Work Together

Work with others (your teammates) with streamlined collaboration tools.

Save Along With Share Files In The Cloud

The cloud is like file storage that is in the sky. You can gain access to it anytime you're online. Now it is so much easier to share a document using SharePoint or SkyDrive. From there -- you can gain access and thus share your Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, and other Office files. You can even work together with your teammates on the same file and do so at the same time.

Simple Markup

A new revision view, the Simple Markup, provides a clean, uncomplicated view of your document. However, you will still see indicators wherever tracked changes have been made.

Reply to comments and then mark them as done

Comments now have a reply button (which really boost the level of interaction) You can now debate (in a friendly manner of course) and easily track comments right next to the relevant text. Moreover, when a comment is addressed and no longer requires attention, you can now mark it as done.

Add polish and style

With the Word 2019 edition you can create more beautiful and engaging documents, and thus you can work with more media types.  For example, online videos and pictures.

Start with a template

When you open Word 2019, you're offered a choice of great new templates that can help get you started along with a list your recently viewed documents -- so that you can get back to where you left off in no time.

System Requirements




  • MINIMUM PROCESSOR SPEED: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
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