Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

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Windows 7 Professional 64-bit provides users with access to two operating systems for optimal use of all programs, as well as more security, and the ability to create home networks or join business networks to remain connected to all the tools they need at home, at work, or anywhere else.

Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

Microsoft Windows 7

  • Professional Edition 64-bit

  • For one user / one device

  • Perpetual license

  • Fast delivery

  • Easy installation


One of the greatest benefits of Microsoft Windows and one that is often overlooked is just how flexible it is to meet the needs of different types of users. The very basic edition of Microsoft Windows 7 Home can provide excellent service for all kinds of users who only need their operating system to help them navigate between their basic program needs, whether they be Microsoft Office programs for studying, Skype for family conversations, or browsing the internet through Internet Explorer or another browser.


Whether you are a powerful professional well into your career using only brand-new devices, or a new professional just starting out and looking for a good operating system for a user device, Windows 7 Professional (or Windows 7 Pro, as it is usually referred to) has all the features you need to promote your further (or first) success in the business world.


With automatic backing up of all your files so you never lose your information, more security features to keep your data safe, a Windows XP mode to access older business programs, and the ability to easily connect remotely to networks, remote desktops, and printers, professional users will find that Windows 7 Pro hasn’t just aged well, it hasn’t aged much at all. It remains an excellent option for all professionals who need a quality operating system that allows for easy navigation between programs, easy transition between powerful business tools, and easy switching off into entertainment features like the media player and vast internet browsing features.


With Windows 7 Professional, you get a well-designed, stable, and attractive operating system that is easy to navigate, so you can find all your programs and all your favourite features without stressing over wasting time searching. Its design is appealing and its capabilities meet beyond basic home and basic business needs. It was developed to be easily accessible for customers no matter what type of work you need to use it for. In that sense, it’s a streamlined operating system that makes it easy for you to handle your business and have some fun without burdening you with anything you don’t need.


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GTIN 00885370720679
MPN FQC-08289
Operational System Windows


Windows 7 Pro is the professional edition of the incredibly popular (even still today) Windows 7 operating system. Published to much acclaim by Microsoft, it includes all the well-loved features found in the more basic Windows 7 Home edition, such as:

A well-designed Start menu

The Start menu is a beloved feature of most Windows editions. There were significant protests when it was later removed in Windows 8, so you might consider using Windows 7 as it is featured in all of its glory, with a semi-transparent Aero-based design that makes the menu more attractive, but just as easily navigated as previous editions. With the Start menu, you have quick access to functions regarding your computer such as Restart, Sleep and Shut down, but you can also easily switch between users or access your documents faster than ever.

New toolbar

The toolbar also gets a design overhaul through Aero, which gives it that same glassy look that makes Windows 7 so distinct.

Easier use than ever

Windows 7 Professional enables you to simplify your personal computer with its new and innovative navigation features. Your everyday tasks are simplified by features that enable you to manage multiple open programs, documents and browser windows with thumbnail and full-screen Previews, a handy feature called Pin that lets you get around faster by pinning programs or folders you often use to the taskbar and launch them instantly with one click. You also have Snap, which is a new easy way to manage your open windows and arrange them side-by-side just by dragging them to the sides of your screen.

New media tools

Professional or basic use, when it comes to file organization, it’s a priority for every user. That’s why Microsoft has included the new Libraries in which users can move their files physically through drag and drop. Move files between music, video, pictures, and documents. Then, use the Search feature to find specific documents based on their metadata.


Easy customisation

System Requirements
  • Processor speed: 1 GHz or faster
  • RAM: 1 GB RAM or 2GB
  • Available Hard Drive Space: 20GB or more
  • Graphics Card. DirectX 9 with WDDM 1.0 or higher
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