Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Download

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Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Download manages to balance the competing needs of families and businesses by providing a vast amount of security and access to network resources with lots of media capabilities and parental controls.

Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Download

For those who require a mix of at-home and professional features in their operating system, it can be tricky to find the right option. There are plenty of advanced options that are expensive, but they are often focused solely or more sophisticated and complex business needs and may not fit your home-based needs. Alternatively, there are operating systems that give the bare bones for easy use for a family or individual at home, but while that will be useful when relaxing, it doesn’t address your business needs. 

What you need, then, is Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, which provides users with all the best for both home and business use without strapping you down with a big price tag or features you don’t need. Windows 7 Home Premium is fast, designed for intuitive navigation, and full of features that address both the home and business sides of your computing life. 

Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit comes with tons of security for personal and business data, it allows users to set up at-home networks, and it comes with a beautiful interface that allows for supreme customization, so every user can make their computer distinct and fun to look at.  With lots of media options and parental controls, it’s also adaptable to any family needs. 

With Windows 7 Home Premium, you get a well-designed, stable, and attractive operating system that is easy to navigate, so you can find all your programs and all your favourite features without stressing over wasting time searching. It’s designed for those who have basic home needs and basic business needs and was developed to be easily accessible for everyone, including those customers who are not IT-heavy and need their computer for simple tasks. In that sense, it’s a streamlined operating system that makes it easy for you to handle your business and have some fun without burdening you with anything you don’t need.


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Some technology companies think that advanced features are what sell operating systems. For that reason, they throw everything they can into their OS, so they can have a long list of impressive sounding capabilities, whether their customers want and need them or not. Microsoft has plenty of advanced features available for its Windows operating systems, but they know what to include to give their customers an ideal Windows-quality experience. Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium manages to balance the competing needs of families and businesses by providing a vast amount of security and access to network resources with lots of media capabilities and parental controls.


With that in mind, look at what Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium has to offer you:

The best-looking operating system

One thing everyone agrees upon when it comes to Windows 7 is that it’s a gorgeous looking operating system. It comes with plenty of great out-of-the-box designs as well as the ability to redesign many elements to meet individual preferences. Among other great looks is the Aero Glass which is a glassy, semi-transparent look that can be used on the Start menu and toolbar. There are plenty of themes and colour choices available as well.

Easy to communicate and share

Windows 7 Home Premium has features that allow you to communicate with others as well as share media easily. Windows Live Photo Gallery is one of these capabilities and enables you to share your photos to websites easily, whereas Windows Live Mail makes managing multiple email accounts an easy task.

Parental controls to keep children safe

Windows 7 Home Premium makes sure you know everything your kids are looking at, so you can better protect them from content they shouldn’t see. Use Windows Live Family Safety to keep your children safe by managing what content and websites they are allowed to visit, and who they can send or receive emails and IM communication from.

Switch users more easily

Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit includes the ability to more easily switch between users with better features, such as resume and fast asleep.

Play all your media through Windows Media Player 12

You can sit down and watch HD movies, DVDs, Blu-Ray, TV shows, and more through Windows Media Player. It can accommodate any family preferences, and now you can share recommendations by sharing movies through the internet with other family members.

Better slideshows with better resolution

Do you need a slideshow to show a potential client what you’re capable of? Windows 7 Home Premium includes a better resolution on your photos and more slideshow options to really impress them. Or, just play around with your vacation photos and show them off to the family.

Even more security

Security doesn’t end with parental controls. You need to keep your data safe for your work and for your home. Windows 7 Home Premium is able to accommodate that need.

The Business Benefits of Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium

The above features are great for family, and it’s easy to see how some can be used for business, but those features are somewhat limited. That’s not the case overall with this operating system, though. Just consider these features:



Network together all your home computers for more powerful solutions to your business (or just to share files with the family). You can also access other business networks to get access to files and programs away from home.


Data safety

The biggest nightmare of any businessperson is the risk of losing their documents and data. Windows 7 Home Premium will back up that data to make sure you never lose anything.

A faster operating system

Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium will load faster than any other previous operating system. That includes loading from resume and sleep. It also runs programs quickly and efficiently.

A simple design for simple access

Find the programs you need when you need them with the easy Windows 7 navigation. Never waste time trying to find a program or feature again.


System Requirements
  • System Requirements

    • Processor: 1 GHz processor or faster

    • Memory: 1 GB RAM or more

    • Hard disk: 16 GB available hard disk space

    Other requirements

    • Internet access (fees may apply)

    • Depending on resolution, video playback may require additional memory and advanced graphics hardware

    • Some games and programs might require a graphics card compatible with DirectX 10 or higher for optimal performance

    • For some Windows Media Center functionality, a TV tuner and additional hardware may be required

    • Windows Touch and Tablet PCs require specific hardware

    • HomeGroup requires a network and PCs running Windows 7

    • DVD/CD authoring requires a compatible optical drive

    • BitLocker requires Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 1.2

    • BitLocker To Go requires a USB flash drive

    • Windows XP Mode requires an additional 1 GB of RAM and an additional 15 GB of available hard disk space.

    • Music and sound require audio output

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