Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard

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As an entrepreneur embarking on the dream of your own small business or an executive directing an entire department, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard edition will meet and exceed the demands required as your company grows.

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard

As an entrepreneur embarking on the dream of your own small business or an executive directing an entire department, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard edition will meet and exceed the demands required as your company grows. IT departments always have their hands full. With Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard, however, overloaded resources will have more time and capacity to tackle the tasks at hand. Available at Softwarekeep, this server package can be purchased at the lowest price on the internet and downloaded at lightning speed allowing almost instant access to the server that can bring your department or business to the next level of success.

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What is Microsoft SQL?

SQL (Structured Query Language) is used to communicate with a database. Standard commands like SELECT, DELETE, UPDATE, CREATE and INSERT are used to manage and organize data in multiple tables within the system. Microsoft is just one of many companies that use SQL as the language used to communicate with small or large-scale databases. 

Why do I Need a Server?

As a business expands, it becomes abundantly clear that more sophisticated and easily managed tools are needed to keep the infrastructure of the organization in healthy order. A server is used to manage access to a centralized location or service in a network. This sort of tool is what is necessary to process information securely, quickly, and more efficiently.  

What is Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard?

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard is a dynamic data-management tool with cutting edge reliability, diversified management solutions, increased security, deployability, and transparency that will allow any enterprise or department to excel in productivity while staying under budget. With so many software companies offering this sort of tool, only one guaranteed Microsoft licensed organization can deliver Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard at the lowest price with expert support and reliable licenses. 

There are many key features important to understand when making a server purchase for your enterprise or department. Please continue reading below for more detailed descriptions of what Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard has to offer and how it can benefit your organization.

Purchase Microsoft SQL Server 2008

We never undervalue the research and time that it takes to decide on and purchase new software for your organization. With a multitude of software companies out there, we’re glad that you’ve taken the time to see what Softwarekeep has to offer. With fake software licenses become more and more prevalent, you can rest assured that any Microsoft licensed software purchased from Softwarekeep is guaranteed dependable. 

Our expert team is available 24/7 to answer any questions, help with installation, and get your team started using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard almost instantly. Visit or call  +1 888-565-9142 for trusted and reliable support and installation right away.

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Key Features of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard

PowerPivot for Excel – Sharing ideas and pushing solutions just became a whole lot easier. With the addition of PowerPivot for Excel, robust business solutions can be shared with all who have access to the server. 

SQL Server Streamlight  Waiting for processes to complete eats up man hours, money, and slows down productivity. Now, with SQL Server Streamlight, the system can process complicated and large-scale jobs in rapid speed.

Hyper-V with live migration – In our ever-changing technological society, the ability to work and manage data and end-users virtually is becoming more and more necessary. With Hyper-V with live migration, your growing company or department will be able to develop, maintain, and deploy data on-site or virtually.

Less IT support/manage from a central location – A smaller-scale instead of an ever-growing IT department is what is needed for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard. From a single centralized location, system administrators have quick and secure access to the network. This allows for improved management of instances, applications, end-users, and servers.

Easily sharable business solutions – With the purchase and installation of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard, business solutions become completed tasks in rapid succession as they are now easily sharable within this server. A minimum or IT support is needed to get small or substantial sized jobs complete.

Data consistency with SQL Server Master Data Services – Reliable and consistent data is a must for the success and growth of any organization or department. With the inclusion of SQL Server Master Data Services, you can trust that data can quickly and securely be moved between diverse systems as administrators are able to view, organize, and maintain master lists of data.

System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard

In order to know if this Microsoft Server is the right one for your organization or department, you’ll need to be sure that your current system has the minimum system requirements to meet the specific system demands. These minimum requirements are the framework that will allow this Microsoft server the power, capacity, and scalability necessary to fully utilize the features included.  

Below you will find the minimum system requirements:

  •  Platform: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard is compatible with PC platforms
  •  Operating System Supported: Windows is the operating system required to run Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard
  •  Type of License: Standard
  •  Processor speed: A 1 GHz Processor will be needed to allow this server to process jobs satisfactorily. 
  •  Operating Systems: Microsoft XP, Server 003, Vista, Server 2008 are the operating systems that will support Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard. 
  •  Memory: A minimum of 512 MB RAM will be needed to run Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard without lag. 
  •  Optical Drive: CD-ROM

Other system requirements: 

Internet Explorer 6 with service 1 or later, Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 2.8 with Service Pack 1 or later, Microsoft Windows Installer 4.5 or later, Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5, VGA monitor, Mouse or compatible device

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