Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise - Retail Box 

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The Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise provides for those needs and many others. With Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise, you are guaranteed to get farther with your data, your information, and your business.

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise - Retail Box 

Information is the key to success in the 21st century, and data is the means of gaining that information. Your business needs a way to store data securely while also developing new insights from that information. The Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise provides for those needs and many others. With Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise, you are guaranteed to get farther with your data, your information, and your business.

What Is Microsoft SQL Server?

Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system that provides businesses with a means of storing, organizing, analyzing, and reporting on their data. With powerful business intelligence features, the SQL Server can deliver new business insights that power your business towards new levels of success.

The Microsoft SQL Server also provides a location to keep data secure from all manner of threats. Data can be backed up and encrypted, all while it is also being analyzed to maximize your business’ abilities.

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Editions

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 comes in several editions, each one designed to provide for the specific needs of particular businesses. Standard is the most popular option and is designed to handle most business needs.

Enterprise, on the other hand, offers more advanced features not available in the Standard edition. It has more advanced administrative controls and more advanced business intelligence.

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Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Features

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise makes it easier to bring your data together, to analyze it, and to report it. At the same time, it improves compression to provide your server with more free space, keeps your resources in check, and opens up new kinds of data and new ways to approach data. All of that, and it has new administrative abilities and much more.

Data WarehousingUsing a new tool called Data Collections, you can gather, organize, and analyze data on your SQL Server. Data Collection doesn’t just gather data either, it also purges old data, making sure you are only working with the data you need. Data Collection comes with report templates for the warehoused data analysis.

Upgraded reporting abilitiesReport Builder gets a redesign and new templates are included in Visual Studio and Business Intelligence Development Studio. You have new graphs and charts, new gauges: all the reporting tools you need to present your data attractively and informatively.

Easier to perform important analysisCube and Dimension wizards will now autosuggestion dimensions and hierarchies, all while they take fewer clicks to build your cube.

Backup CompressionDisk space is always an important factor in running a server. You need as much of it as possible reserved for new data. Backup Compression aids in that goal by compressing backups as they are written. This can lead to faster processing, as well as more space.

Table and Index CompressionBackups aren’t the only data that receive new compression abilities in Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise, tables and indexes can now also be compressed. Table compression includes row and page compression. This process can save up to 40-60% of the space previously being used for the table.

Resource GovernorRunning powerful SQL programs that provide new business insights requires a lot of processing power. To make sure no program uses up too much of your server’s resources, the Resource Governor can allow you to set limits on CPU and memory usage. This allows the system to continue functioning smoothly even when you are running resource-heavy programs.

Policy-Based ManagementGain more control over every instance on your server by setting new policies with Policy Management. This gives you more control through setting conditions on facets like: Credentials, Data Files, Databases, Indexes, Logins, Names, Schema, Servers, Tables, Users, and Views. These conditions decide what is appropriate for all of the above facets.

Geographic Information SystemFor the first time, Microsoft SQL Server includes Geographic Information System abilities. This allows for geometry and geographic data to be used on the server, which in turns, makes it possible to work with geographic locations, maps, and geographic artifacts.

Time and Date Data TypesPrevious editions required that the date and time be stored together. While this was necessary in some cases, it wasn’t always. Now, with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise, you can store either the date or the time separately. There’s also a more precise DATETIME2 available. This precision to within 100 nanoseconds and can be stored to 7 digits, although you can decide to store fewer. Another very useful inclusion for international businesses is DATETIMEOFFSET which stores dates and times that are time zone aware.

FILESTREAMWith FILESTREAM, you can store unstructured data like documents and images on the server. This allows you to back up that data, so it can easily be restored should the need arise. You can also control the security for that data by limited the access to it. While FILESTREAM is included in Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise, it is not automatically turned out. It must be enabled, but when done, it is a powerful tool.

Transparent Data EncryptionMake sure your data is encrypted when you need it to be with Transparent Data Encryption. This makes sure your data is encrypted at rest. If you detach your database, it remains encrypted. Your backups also remain encrypted. However, the data in use is not encrypted and can be accessed.

Changed Data CaptureChanged Data Capture, when enables, makes it possible to keep track of every change made to a database. Every change is recorded in a table. This allows you to track the whole history of the database. Updates split the change table so that one keeps the record of the old changes, while the other has the old changes and those after the update.

System Requirements
  • Processor: 1.4 GHz minimum; 2.0 GHz or faster recommended
  • RAM: 512 MB minimum; 2 GB or more recommended
  • Available Disk Space: 2 GB or more minimum

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