Microsoft Server 2016 RDS 5 User CALs Same Day Delivery

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By providing more employees with access to the latest edition of the Microsoft Server RDS, 2016, you bring them into a faster, more efficient server experience that can provide a better user experience while still delivering all the high-quality Microsoft solutions they would expect.

Microsoft Server RDS 5 User CALs Same Day Delivery

By providing more employees with access to the latest edition of the Microsoft Server RDS, 2016, you bring them into a faster, more efficient server experience that can provide a better user experience while still delivering all the high-quality Microsoft solutions they would expect.

Microsoft Server RDS 2016 includes improvements in memory, security, and virtualization, making it easier than ever to find the best server solutions that work for your business.

What Is RDS?

RDS stands for Remote Desktop Services, which is the feature on the server that provides remote access to users. This latest edition of the Microsoft Server provides complete access to the files, programs, and communication feature available for locally connected devices to remotely connected devices with no difference in the user experience.

RDS allows for workers to remain invested and productive on projects no matter where they are.

What Is a CAL?

In order for someone to access your Microsoft Server RDS, they will be required to have a CAL, or client access license. With a CAL, that individual will have access to all the features of the server.

CALs come in two forms: device and user. This product has User CALs.

What Is a User CAL?

A User CAL allows one licensed user to access the server from any device. It is the preferred option for users who expect to regularly use the server from more than one of their devices, for instance, from a desktop at work, a laptop at home, and a phone and tablet while in transit.

User CALs on an RDS server provide the ultimate freedom of movement while providing complete access.

Microsoft Server RDS Is Not Included in This Product

This product contains 5 User CALs for an already installed Microsoft Server RDS. The server itself is not included but can be purchased separately on SoftwareKeep for a guaranteed low price.

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Year of Product 2016

Microsoft Server RDS Features

The latest edition of Microsoft Server RDS has three main areas of improvement: memory, security, and virtualization. In all three areas, major advances and upgrades have been made to make the server more adaptable, more flexible, more secure, and more powerful than ever before.

Much higher capacity for memory—The latest Microsoft Server RDS edition comes with far more complex and advanced capabilities thanks to its potential memory boost. While the maximum memory available for the last edition, 2012 R2, was 4 TB of physical memory, this edition maxes out at an incredible 24 TB. Virtual memory also sees a major improvement, from 1 TB maximum in 2012 to 12 TB in this edition. With so much more memory, the server can obviously handle far greater demands, making it possible to run more advanced programs and accommodate the greater demands of more users.

New storage featuresWith more memory comes better memory storage as well. This version of Microsoft Server RDS comes with several major advances in this area, including:

  • Storage Replica, which uses both synchronous and asynchronous replication to help avoid any data loss in the case of a disaster. Data loss is one of the chief concerns of any server manager, as well as companies as a whole, and Storage Replica helps make that concern a thing of the past.

  • Storage Quality of Service monitors the storage performance of all virtual machines on the server. This monitoring ensures no virtual machine uses too many resources from the server, thus impacting the performance of the rest. Storage Quality of Service guards against this to keep everything running smoothly.

New security featuresAlong with memory, security sees a marked advancement in this edition. Some of the major developments include:

  • Windows Defender guards your whole system against the invasion of malware. It regularly updates to make sure it is ready for all the latest malware attacks.

  • Shielded Virtual Machine provide protection not for the server as a whole but for the virtual machines running on it. With a series of security tools that include Secure Boot, Virtual Trusted Platform Module, and BitLocker encryption, virtual machines are protected against unauthorized access. Host Guardian Service makes sure only fully authorized administrators to make changes to the virtual machine. Other administrators can turn it on or off but cannot make changes.

  • Credential Guard makes sure sensitive data can never be viewed by those who aren’t meant to see it. It isolates certain data on the server and only allows privileged systems to access it.

  • Remote Credential Guard provides a similar service to Credential Guard, but for data on remotely connected devices. With Remote Credential Guard, data on these devices remain on the device and can never be shared with the server, keeping it secure.

ContainersPerhaps the biggest addition to the Microsoft Server, Containers work as a security improvement and a virtualization improvement all at once. They allow for isolated virtualization instances that cannot affect or be affected by the rest of the server. This tool is so powerful, you can run potentially hostile applications with it without risk of harming the server. Containers allow for a space where errors can be corrected without harm extending beyond the container.

NanoNano is a new, stripped down operating system available on the server that is much lighter and faster than other operating system configurations. It allows for better resource utilization and has a remarkable 80% fewer reboot scenarios. Nano can be used as a host for clustered (or unclustered) virtual machine storage and clustered storage, or as a host for cloud-designed applications.

Control Flow GuardWith Control Flow Guard, the risk of file corruption is significantly reduced.

System Requirements

There are no specific system requirements for a user’s device to access the Microsoft Server RDS, although performance will improve with more up-to-date devices.

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