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Microsoft Publisher 2013 - License

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Better Publications with Higher Quality Image Control

If you look at a publication of any kind, what is the first thing you notice? Almost certainly it is the images. Images sell you on whether a postcard, brochure, catalog, or pamphlet is worth a more serious read.

What that means is you need to be able to sell yourself in a picture, and so that picture has to be the best possible to make sure everyone gives you more than a glance.

To achieve that kind of image quality, consider purchasing Microsoft Publisher 2013. This edition comes with a whole set of new image-focused capabilities. You can find more images, move them around, swap them, and add effects, all so that you end up with that perfect image right where you want it, guaranteeing the interest of everyone who picks it up.

Get that kind of image potency when you purchase Microsoft Publisher 2013 today.

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Give your business the full set of image tools you need with Microsoft Publisher 2013. With this program,  you can make sure everyone’s first glance impression of your business is always the best one. With Microsoft Publisher 2013, you can easily choose the right image, put it in the right place, and use the right effects to make it stand out.

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GTIN 885370497038
MPN AAA-02158
Operational System None
Year of Product 2013

Microsoft Publisher 2013 Features

To achieve that perfect look, you need your publication design program to make it easy to get the images right. That’s precisely what Microsoft Publisher 2013 does, by making it easier every step of the way to choose and manipulate your images in any kind of publication.

Some of the ways this is achieved are as follows:

Find and add images more easily: Previous editions of Microsoft Publisher allowed you to use images, but it wasn’t integrated into the program, not like it is here. In Microsoft Publisher 2013, you can browse within the application to find the best images on your computer, in your network, in the Office Clip Art folder, or across the vast resources of the internet in searches through Bing. With a couple of clicks, you have all the possible images you need on your screen, making it easier to find that perfect choice.

Move images around your pages more easily: With the new scratch area in Microsoft Publisher 2013, it’s far easier to move your images around the page. Just move them on, off, or around, with extra space for those images that just don’t fit or look right. You can have two images in the scratch area at once, so you can feel free to load up the page with all your potential image choices and play around until the look is right.

Swap out images more efficiently as well: The scratch area is a great resource, but just as remarkable is the ease with which you can swap your images now. Just drag and drop to move your images around. You can also do a complete swap of images in a like-for-like swap, allowing you to get a quick look at which image works in that particular location on the page.

Add more effects to your images to make them stand out: Once you have your images in place, you may want to make them stand out a little more. The right image can look great on its own, but it can look even better with the right effects. Those effects are easy to access and far more expansive in Microsoft Publisher 2013. You can add effects like shadow, glow, and 3-D rotation to any image, allowing it to catch the eye in just the right way.

Give your text an image upgrade as well: Images aren’t the only way to make your publications stand out. You can also do a lot with text, particularly in Microsoft Publisher 2013. Add the same kind of image effects to your text, such as shadow or glow, to make sure your words are as catchy as your images on every page.


System Requirements
  • Processor: 1 GHz or faster x86-bit or x64-bit processor with SSE2
  • Memory: 1 GB or more (for 32-bit installation); 2 GB or more (for 64-bit installation)
  • Available Hard Drive Space: 3 GB or more
  • Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher
  • Graphics: DirectX 10 graphics card
  • Operating System: Windows 7 SP1 or later; Windows Server 2008 R2 or later
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