Microsoft Office 2016 365 for Mac (Renewal)

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With Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft has completely rewritten the rules on product distribution, taking the old method of purchasing a product once at a high price, and then eventually replacing it with another, newer version, and throwing it out the window

Microsoft Office 2016 365 for Mac (Renewal)

With Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft completely rewritten the rules on product distribution, taking the old method of buying a product once at a high price, and eventually replacing it with another newer version and throwing it out of the window. Instead, they have created a subscription-based service that not only takes the high initial price out of the equation, but also ensures that the products you use will never become obsolete. For the duration of the subscription, you will get all the latest features at a low price.

What's not to love?

With the latest iteration of Office 365, Microsoft took its original Office for Mac software and redid it from scratch, introducing many new features to make it more in line with the Windows service. With this latest iteration, Microsoft has created a product that is without a doubt the office you know and love, but which is now able to take advantage of Mac OS. has Office 365 for Mac for you

Microsoft Office 365 for Mac offers all the best features of Microsoft Office on PC, but brings them in a Mac environment, with some extra bells and whistles to take advantage of the features offered by a Mac. If you like Microsoft Office on PC, you'll love it on Mac! And if this is the first time you try Office on a Mac, you'll be surprised at how much you can do! is the best source for authorized Microsoft products, as we are Microsoft authorized resellers. Buy with confidence, knowing that you are getting the best products at the best price. If you have any questions, our experts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to answer any question at +1 888-565-9142.

More Information
GTIN 885370751154
MPN QQ2-00092
Operational System Mac
Year of Product 2016

The office products you love, now on a Mac computer. Not only do you have access to full versions of Web, Word, Excel and PowerPoint, but you also have access to downloadable desktop versions of these products (and some others!). Here are the highlights:

Online templates for creativity: your subscription includes thousands of professionally designed online templates to make you go faster than ever before. All of these are also completely customizable, so you can give them all your personal touch.

Take advantage of the Retina display: your presentations have never been so beautiful! By using the Retina display on your Mac, your text will be clearer, your brighter images and your presentations will be more appealing than ever!

Multi-touch support: you probably use Multi-Touch in your normal Mac use, now you can use it in your Office apps too! Family gestures will become second nature in no time.

The tape is back The ribbon menu at the top of the documents has been improved not only to look more closely at the PC version, but to make it easier to find what you need, when you need it. The features are organized intuitively now.

OneDrive Integration: Store your files in the cloud for security with OneDrive, the cloud-based Microsoft service. Access your files anywhere by logging in with the Office ID.

Microsoft Word
Microsoft has adopted the Word app you know and love and added specific Mac enhancements to make it better than ever!

New Design Tab: Providing easy access to design elements to enrich your documents, the Design tab will ensure you never get away from what you need.

Insights, powered by Bing: a new panel, Insights, shows relevant contextual information from the Internet directly in the reading and authoring interface. Perfect for doing research papers or when you need a little more context.

Speaking directly into text-threaded comments lets you have useful conversations directly in the text sidebar, making collaboration easier than ever.

Microsoft Excel
There is no better Excel product for managing numeric data, and now Mac users can enjoy the same benefits as PC users!

Excel recommendation charts: are not sure of the best way to view your data? Excel can make recommendations based on the type of data you've entered to make sure it looks its best.

Discover Patterns: PivotTable slicers allow you to find models in large volumes of data quickly and easily.

Simplify complex analysis: the Analysis Toolkit is an add-on that can perform complex statistical or engineering analyzes in just a few clicks!

Keyboard shortcuts-Do you already know Excel on Windows? Many of the keyboard shortcuts will still work in the Mac version!

Microsoft Powerpoint
Surprise your audience like never before with the advanced PowerPoint software, now on Mac!

The theme changes: each theme includes multiple variations or different color schemes for each theme. Everyone looks great, so no matter which one you choose, your presentation will attract their attention and will never let you go.

Animation pane: take advantage of beautiful animations to bring out your presentation!

Viewer Presenter: During the presentation, your Mac will display information such as the current slide, the next, any notes and a timer, all while viewing the presentation on the big screen. Present with confidence!

Microsoft OneNote
New for Mac users is the powerful OneNote software, which offers notetaking capabilities and much more.

Digital Notebook: take notes on anything in your digital notebook. Make notes stand out with beautiful colors, images, tables and more.

Organization at the next level: arrange your notes exactly as you wish. Copy, reorder, rename, color coordinates, search and delete, easier than ever.

Share your notes: share entire notebooks (or just a few notes) with friends, family or colleagues and keep everyone on the same page. Best of all? They can also add their own notes, allowing you to coordinate more easily than ever before.

Microsoft Outlook
Your email is important and with Outlook you will have the necessary tools to never miss a message!

Navigation is better than ever: move between the five main Outlook items: Mail, Calendar, People, Tasks and Notes, with ease.

Online Archives: Move messages from your inbox to an online archive to free up space. You can then access these messages at any time when you need them.

Propose new time: when you receive a meeting request at the wrong time, request a new, best time, directly from Outlook!

System Requirements
  • Sistema operativo: Mac OS X versione 10.10 o successiva
  • Processore: processore Intel
  • Memoria: almeno 4 GB di RAM
  • Spazio su disco: 6 GB o superiore. Richiede il formato del disco rigido HFS +.
  • Risoluzione monitor: 1280 x 800
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